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8/17 c17 1thatquietgirl21
Ahhhh I love how she has the parallels with the story, like the man of religion, fidelity, and kindness (eyes emoji). I love how Barbossa knows he fucked up but also can't really walk it back, and how Pintel and Raggeti always have her back. I love them SO MUCH.
8/17 c16 thatquietgirl21
I love the little asides to Philip and her backstory is just the right amount of sad and sweet.
8/17 c15 thatquietgirl21
Ahhhh I'm loving the additions to the story like the Sarah Smith stuff! And hopefully Syrena and Elizabeth can become friends again some day thanks to Philip's explanation. (Philip is BEST BOY. You've converted me.)
8/17 c14 thatquietgirl21
Ahhh I was so eager to get to the next chapter that I almost clicked off of this one without telling you how much I like it! I love that Will's mother was ALSO a pirate- and the one who stole from Beckett in the first place, pulling it all back together.

I also really, really love all the banter, and the bit of Pintel content haha.
8/17 c12 thatquietgirl21
I love that if Philip sees a tiddy he WILL die.

But more importantly, really loving the Syrena/Philip content, and how you've ELEVATED the original pairing/dialogue/etc.
8/17 c10 thatquietgirl21
SYRENA! She's such a good girl and deserves only kindness! (I love this so much!)
8/17 c9 thatquietgirl21
Ahhhh loving Syrena's take on the cave scene. Also! Mean of Elizabeth! Lying was understandable, calling her a stupid monster was just rude.

I do also love how she's friends with the monkey, and a more in depth look at her backstory. You make it flow so seamlessly! :D
8/17 c8 thatquietgirl21
I am LOVING this Syrena content, especially the different facets of her character!
8/17 c7 thatquietgirl21
I loved the Tortuga scene (and Gibbs! Gibbs is lowkey my favorite character in canon!) and the small aside about poor Eveline. And of course, how it all nearly killed poor Philip.

Good on said boy for telling Will the TRUTH so that Will can mull it over in the middle of his pining.
8/17 c6 thatquietgirl21
I love Pintel and Raggetti SO MUCH. Protective pirate Gang for the win!

I think it's interesting how Twigg and Koehler's roles have been so expanded, and how loose Barbossa's control seems to be. I wish the movie had done so now!
8/17 c5 thatquietgirl21
I forgot to mention- I LOVE the Beckett backstory interwoven throughout. It makes him make a bit more sense, you know?

Also I absolutely adore all the navy men- including Gillette being a dick to poor baby Philip. Also, the Jack Sparrow content is PERFECT especially the "don't care" and getting Philip's name wrong.
8/17 c4 thatquietgirl21
I was so focused I nearly forgot to comment! I'm so glad Philip cleared stuff up with Will, and we got our first look at Syrena! (Also I love Pintel and Raggetti and I'm so glad they're here.)

I also like the tying through of Philip being the one to say that the cells were the armory, thus leading seamlessly into the canon scene.
8/17 c3 thatquietgirl21
Ahhhhh Philip noooo! The not looking at Will is going to make it worse!

I like that the cousins figured it out, and Will! Got! The! Credit! Instead of Mr Brown with his bottle! Good!

I just remembered Pintel and Raggetti's theological discussion in the second movie and I bet Raggetti would LOVE to sit down with Philip over it (or at least, Philip would love to have a captive audience haha).
8/17 c2 thatquietgirl21
I really like how Done Philip (and Weatherby) are with the pining, haha. Also really like Philip's friendships with Will and Elizabeth, they feel very natural. Well done!
8/17 c1 thatquietgirl21
Hi! (It's Lauren, from Discord)

I don't usually read a lot of PotC fics but I'm excited to see where this goes! You've already done Philip's character very well, and I'm interested to see more of him; whether he's going to take that conversation with Weatherby to heart, mostly.

(Sorry I'm not that good at commenting, but I will try my best!)
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