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for An unexpected kiss

8/30/2012 c1 Kitty723
Great story,though i dont like oc as much,i liked this one!
PLEASE write more Kidou story,thx ;D
8/31/2012 c1 DutchWreck
Sweet :) And cute! And don't you DARE to say that it's rubbish! It's really good!
8/30/2012 c1 6jumbled thoughts keep me up
KYAAAAAAAAA Thank you for the awesomest fic EVER! This was so amazingly sweet and I love it sooo much x3 It's really, really good, Mamera-nee-san! I wish I could write like you ;D but I'm way too happy to be depressed right now xP

Aww, Kidou-kun kissed my OC x3. Seriously, when I read that scene, I blushed. (Okay technically, I was giggling and blushing like crazy throughout the whole thing. DON'T JUDGE ME *emo corner*)

Oh. My God. Yuuto-kun. IS SO FRIGGIN SWEET OMIGODDDD I JUST LOVE HIM TO BITS. And this Samaroni Ranuka-san person is getting on my nerves. She had better walk far, farrrr away from our Kidou-kun, or she's gonna get it.

Thanks for adding more words to my Japanese vocabulary xD I needed that :P

Thank you so much for dedicating it to meeee x3 ARGH I FEEL SO UNNATURALLY HAPPY :D I just wanna dance all day to Inazuma Eleven songs xD

This fic is love x3 [bearhug]

Oh, and just wanted to say again that Kidou-kun is so. Sweet. And if he were real, I'd bring him home to my parents xD

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