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8/11 c19 LittleBerryBerry
This is so good and it's so sad that it doesn't have more chapters
12/9/2021 c19 Mirage
Ayame...is childish brat spoiled bitch form of inuyasha ...interesting. ...

Good that kagome was reassured by kouga bevor he left to hunt ...so she got her backbone and spitfire back ...and show Ayame her place ...and still has her wolf youkai girlfriends on her side and backing-
Some diplomatic down talking and making Ayame look like the stupid spoiled child she is for her and all to know and see but in such a nice way that nobody can say something against this...like she did with the males who did see that it is better to clean and respect there woman in not giving them more work...and see it as great challenge and fun.- so she can fully do this with Ayame ...and let her walk out with tail a bit more tugged out of the cave and there territory on her own spoiled legs.

Now kagome only needs to talk with kouga about her home and the future ...and what do do ...as I think with mating him she can see her family in the future... and till then she could carve messages in stone and set them in the well...maybe even little trinkets and things from the time so shrine can make enough money to work more smoothly without her mother and grandfather worrying ...as it would show up in it in her time. -

I find it really sad that you did not write since 2013...we now have near end of 2021...not sure if rhere is hope for more chaps and an end and mating of kouga and kagome and some cute strong and in control hanyou and purebred cubs between them ;)

so I hope you are still around and alive and healthy and maybe come back to finish this story some day -
12/8/2021 c16 Mirage
Good that he did not give up on her ofter her behavior ...and more or less brought her to talk and say her mind and troubles - he really is great ...like the two young lower wolf did say ...one should look after such a love and male to be with (or female when you look for this )'
12/8/2021 c15 Mirage
As her friend did say ...she should talk about problems or things she fears or does not understand...
And now she jumps to this thoughts. ...I give up...she needs to learn to think and open her eyes and talk...
12/8/2021 c13 Mirage
I think it is good that you slowly build up an emotional relationship sure it is sometimes nice to read a hot steamy story about her and kouga or maybe even sesshomaru or some other story's character...but it is also nice to see something developed , the character grow and get stronger , learn about each other ..with some play and closeness and some steam here and there...the relationship will be stronger and deeper and makes more sense.
..one can see the worry and fear, how they slowly learn to accept some things and change other. ..it's nice -

But it is nice that kagome slowly learns to open her heart and eyes , trys things out and accept some of his loving ways more ...to grow up to become a woman...and see that it could be good to be his mate. he maybe could explain that she would not have to give up her friends and could see her family in the future .., when she finally tells him as he really deserves it...her group and inu did know too...
12/8/2021 c11 Mirage
She stands so much on the wire that she does not see what is happening and what is in front of her...as if inuyasha still jumps in front of her to keep his shard detector and possible second woman next to his love kikjo... from seeing a male that is good
..while he is childish and sometimes really really mean...
12/8/2021 c10 Mirage
And that is why kouga is better for her...
He does not force to mucg till really told to stop... does not demand belittle or says hurtful untrue things...he strings her not along but offers her companship love warmth protection care and play and more
12/7/2021 c4 Mirage
So she saved a stupid cub...made sisters...and did give kouga a real nice welcome home view -
7/17/2021 c19 anonymous
Still reading in 2021! This story is so entertaining and well-written... I really hope you consider finishing it. I really love the Kagome/Koga ship and it's difficult to find a fanfic that has the right amount of elements to make it believable, exciting, and enjoyable to read. Your story especially picked up in the last several chapters, and I've read them back to back. It's now past 5am! I typically read a lot of badly-written fanfics to find the gems- and this is definitely a gem. If you still have any attachment to this story, I truly hope you will continue to write for it. It is agony to not have a conclusion to such an engaging story, especially when it seems to be really picking up speed... Either way, thank you for writing and entertaining us! Hope you are well.
4/19/2021 c19 epark11231
Please come back! Love this!
1/18/2021 c1 11Harlecorn
Really loving this story, Ik it’s been a few years but with your profile update, super looking forward to new chapters! :D
11/11/2020 c1 KiraNekoYoukia17
In three years will consider this fic dead and I want Kouga and Kagome together before that happens. This story REALLY helped me through my depression, I was exited for the next chapter to come out and was so disappointed when one hasn't come out in a few years.
10/19/2020 c1 Guest
please continue this series
9/5/2020 c1 Guest
Please finish this story, it helped me get through some tough times
6/22/2020 c19 36Carpathian Rose
It's been so long since you updated...please continue. I love this story. And believe me when I say, we all want to see Kouga lose control and make Kagome his.
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