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for Forbidden Romance

4/20 c1 BearGlitch
"4 great loves" cringe
12/1/2020 c11 26epic insanity666
11/30/2020 c13 2Shadow Wolflord
please please update this
8/10/2020 c13 Knightoftime
i like this, just a couple questions, will there be lemons and when will Ichigo be with all his girls again?
4/12/2020 c7 Re Lovely Lover
So Stark mentioned having the mask pieces to revive some he believed could be alloes and others he hoped to win over. However only a single one is revived being the obvious setup for Orihime with the blatant rejection of only Orihime that's been going on.

The reason obvious as soon as revival was mentioned but I didnt expect anything as blatant as only his revival.
4/12/2020 c3 Re Lovely Lover
1) Don't understand blowing off Orihime in the slightest but okay. Question is though where the fuck did this random bit come from:

Ichigo looked at the puzzled face Orihime was portraying. He realized who it was directed at not hearing her talk to Tia for he was still making his hollow his bitch.

* For everything written up to this point its completely out of place.
4/12/2020 c2 Re Lovely Lover
1) "No blood on the carpet, please!" said Urahara from the other room.

* This got me good. Nice

2) Not sure I've come across a story aside from this one that even attempted to half ass putting her with him. Just straight up give me your prick from every female.

However I did hope that for once I'd find those 3 with her among those on the list. They're always ignored aside from a single story I found of the type I mentioned involving him hooking up with only the dark skinned women from Bleach. So Mila Rose was included along with Yoruichi and.. the dirty boots woman I'm suddenly having a brain fart remembering the name of.
12/20/2019 c13 DemDazer
Another great but dead story.
Forgotten Romance definitely.
12/10/2019 c3 john902000
It was very fascinating indeed and some of the dialogues were funny.
11/29/2019 c4 Guest
You got Ichigos dad perfectly.
6/9/2019 c8 Allen
You could a late addition to the squad
Name : Dominic Grey
Age: 200 (looks twenty-four)
Height: 6'3"
Weight : 189 Lbs
Zanpakuto name: Tsukoyomi no ibis
Shikai call: awaken King of madness Tsukoyomi no ibis
6/3/2019 c13 Guest
3/20/2019 c2 The reject
Just wanted to review so u would have 750but honestly u have a great story it has amazing potential
1/16/2019 c12 1fluffy-fanfic-lover
is this dead?
11/11/2018 c13 OpSmile
Amazing! Fudging loved it! More plz!
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