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1/19/2021 c18 5OracleGuessMe
Okay honestly i liked it. i wouldn't read again though. not because it wasn't good just because It think nothing really happend i guess. I liked some parts but some were rushed and their relationship wasn't showen that much and more the whole connof jackass part. which was also interesting... I honestly wouldn't thought harvey would react like this if connor would dance with donna(?) but who knows.
12/9/2014 c8 KATY
8/22/2013 c16 SaraStare
What videos? Tell me. Also you tell great stories. Keeps me going until the next tv episode ... I enjoy your style. Thank you for sharing
3/24/2013 c18 Garry12
would love you to continue this story :)
11/4/2012 c18 79NCISVILLE
Yes yes please do write more. I review every chapter because I know that It does help plus once I'm with a story I'm stuck with it till the end. Loyal as he'll and stubborn. :) no way you're getting rid of me this late in the game.
9/30/2012 c18 4Krishnaa
Well, I would love to read more on Harvey and Donna taking care of Mike... don't know if you want that in this fic though... but anyways, nice fic!
9/29/2012 c18 Guest
If there's a like button here, I would've clicked on it already. :) That's so sweet, thanking your readers like this , when we should be the ones thanking you. And yes, we want lots more. ;)
9/29/2012 c17 Guest
You should definitely write more fics after this one cuz you're so good at it! As for this one...maybe you could add a little more about Jessica, Mike or Louis finding out about their relationship, as opposed to Harvey and Donna telling them. I knoooow, it's been done so many times before in other fics, but I think that it's always fun getting these people's reactions towards them being Harvey AND Donna. Whatever you decide to do with this fic, I just wanna say THANKS for writing this. And I'm looking forward to your upcoming stories and I'm pretty sure I'll love them as well. :)
9/29/2012 c16 katyfr
yep))) i'm enjoying, gonna re-read all story
9/28/2012 c16 save-ferrls
YESSSS! A new chapter! Okay... now I'll read it! :)
9/27/2012 c15 79NCISVILLE
Can't wait for the next chapter and to see how you end this. That'll be fun to watch, read?
9/27/2012 c14 NCISVILLE
Well lets see if you want criticism then that was just god awfully emotional lol. Whole lotta emotions conveyed so don't worry I felt them all. U portrayed them very well.
9/27/2012 c13 NCISVILLE
Well I'd say continue but you already did soooo... Congratulations? Not quit sure you've made it this far. Sucker Punch!
9/27/2012 c12 NCISVILLE
Ohhh videos you say? Hmm I can Harvey going either way. I'm gonna say he's gonna notice how uncomfortable Donna looks and knows everything's coll but be a little jealous that he couldn't be the one dancing with her
9/27/2012 c11 NCISVILLE
Hmm sounds ruggedly handsome lol. Like RDJ, he's my guy. Lol.
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