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10/12/2015 c16 4Laffy50
Wow this story has improved a lot. It's been a while since I've read this, so I had to read the earlier chapters again. I'm always bias towards a good KakashixOC fanfic, but this one is good! Thanks for sharing!
8/10/2014 c16 10NaginiFay
7/22/2013 c11 Guest
This is actually really good! Continue it! :)
7/16/2013 c10 7Marina Rose
Reviews are lovely, so I'll be happy to give you one!
This is a truly lovely story and i can't begun to fathom why there isn't tons of reviews for it.
I can't wait for your next update and find out what will happen next! Plus im looking forward to some romance between Kakashi!

TTFN Ta ta for now
Marina Rose
12/30/2012 c6 4Laffy50
*wild applause* I have no idea why this story doesn't have a billion reviews! Every chapter leaves me on the ende of my chair, dying to read more, and I just love your descriptive fighting scenes!

There are a couple of errors and such, but I still give you two thumbs up!

Please don't stop writing! .

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