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9/24 c17 Guest
Oh my gosh I love this story! It’s so well written.
I hope Bella rips into her new in-laws! They are awful!

Hope life has gotten better or at least easier to deal with. Reading stories like this is my release, I hope you know this story in particular has been very helpful.

Thank you!
9/12 c17 1lookalittlegreen
I just wanted to let you know that I really really love this story. I'm sure you are busy, but I hope someday you add more. In the meantime I'll keep coming back to check every couple months :) thank you for your words!
9/6 c17 Guest
Please update.
7/17 c17 Artemisbabe
I love this story so much! Hope you’re doing well and your kiddo and husband are doing better since your last update and author’s note. Would love to read more, especially now that they’re going to do a press release together and Grandad is in the picture, if you find your way back here! :) Thank you for sharing your talent!
7/4 c17 nana723
I really hope you update this story. It’s great and I love the way you write for Edward and Bella. Also hope Bella gets to tell Edward how he made her feel when Esme said only family that was wrong for him to allow that.
4/23 c17 Shazzeer
Ohhh boy, Esme, Carlisle and Alice really is trying to break them up.
The prenuptials seemed harsh but nothing strange about them, really.
So Edward is kissed that Bella signed them, probably because his parents wrote it .

Bella can see that Emmet and Rose would make a good fit.

Good thing that Bella desired to go back when she did, otherwise she might not have bumped into grandpa Cullen.
Everyone loves and adorable grandpa ;).
And why is there no part 2 or Quarterback Sneak?!.
What happened next?!
4/23 c16 Shazzeer
That’s one way to find out that your daughter got married and you weren’t invited. So Edward’s injuries weren’t to severe and he will make a recovery after 2 weeks rehabilitation. They survived Charlie’s interrogation.

Of course Edward’s parents had to tear him down and try to order him around like a dog. Bella will be with him when they come to Seattle and she will give them a pice of her mind!
4/23 c15 Shazzeer
So Jasper knows, and he seems to have kept his mouth shut. I would most likely also forget to remove the ring. I get that he likes that Bella wears the ring on the caleidoscope necklace, but he could also have it on a necklace round his neck.

Nooo, Edward is down and hurt. And the guard won’t let Bella pass! Maybe Charlie will let her, or he will kill her for marrying Edward XD.

And now Emmet knows, and he will cover for her.
4/22 c14 Shazzeer
That wedding at the almond orchard was jus perfectly small and intimate for just Bella and Edward.
Bella almost didn’t t make her flight and there is always som cantankerous bastard that refuses to let one person to go before them.

The rings they found was meant to be, as was the dress Bella found. Now I wonder if she will wear the ring to work or not, will be a dead giveaway if she does ;)
4/22 c13 Shazzeer
They had a fight about some clothes hanging in Bella’s closet, I can see how he thinks that Bella is giving herself an easy out. But they worked thru it!

And they had their own little thanksgiving and cooked the food together and ate until they needed a nap.

Aaand Edward just dropped the married bomb. Bella freaked out about ily movin in together in under like 2 months… will she be running for the hills?

They haven’t eaten told anyone that they’re together and live together!
4/22 c12 Shazzeer
It’s not Bella’s fault that that author didn’t answer her questions and just kept talking about himself!. She did her best and not even with Emmet’s help would he answer questions!.

Newton is really a dick, he should be fired for behaving unprofessionally!

So Bella has now moved most of her stuff into Edwards apartment. Aaand she hasn’t told anyone about it… this will surely bite them both in the ass, they should’ve at least told family and friends about it first XD.
4/22 c11 Shazzeer
Bella called in sick so that she could spend the day with Edward ( if he was willing to take her back after her freak out and runner ). Their little getaway was just perfect, and it’s important to test the integrity of tables, beds and such ;).

Emmet will probs keep his mouth shut, but he had to say something to protect her from Newton!. And of course both Riley and Seth knew because they overheard.
I thought when Edward seemed distracted that they’d been spotted and photographed by a fan that then sold the pictures.

So Renee probs spilled the beans to Charlie when he called about Bella missing. I wonder if he really missed Edward, must’ve been just seconds.
4/22 c10 Shazzeer
Bella ran like a bat outta hell. She is terrified that she feels so much for him in such a short time, and the ily made her panic even more.

Talking to her mom helped, but she never said who the guy is, otherwise Renee would been talking to Charlie the second they hung up!.

Wonder how Charlie will take them dating?
Also, what did Edward tell his family, that he’s dating someone? ;)
4/22 c9 Shazzeer
Ha, Bella almost blew it by jumping up at the game!
Wonder if they believed her saying she was getting drinks.

She signed the contract and changed the 12 months to 8 with working on her field if she quits or gets fired. Always someone that has to ruin it for everyone else!

Edward just dropped that bomb on Bella, he said I love you!
Is she gonna run?
4/22 c8 Shazzeer
Nooo, Alice is the bitchy older sister?! Damn, no hope that a womance will happen between them :(, maybe Rose and Bella will get along?.

And I hoped that his parents wouldn’t be Carlisle and Esme :/. I get being a doctor or in the medical field is taxing and takes up a lot of time, but not going to any of Edward’s games… outrageous!. At least the had his grandmother and grandfather.

Meeting Tanya would be fun, bet Carlisle and Esme will try and push Tanya on Edward if they ever meet Bella.
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