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6/24 c17 Mistheword23
Oh my god! I'm so glad to see you posted again. I'll be honest, I've been a lurker for a long time now, but I have been following this fic for a while and it made me so happy to see a new chapter. It's probably one of my favorite wips out there. So thank you for this!
Also, really sad to hear about your family problems, I hope you guys have good days real soon. And on a selfish note, I hope you update soon.
6/12 c17 Guest
I’m so glad you’re ok!

This story is so good and I was very sad to never see any updates.

Hope you and yours are well or are on your way there.

I really hope to read Bella ripping into Esme and Alice, that almost never happens!

Thank you for updating and writing this story, I really needed it.
6/9 c17 debs2crazy
Absolutely wonderful story!
6/1 c17 terrabella
Just came across this update, such a wonderful story that continues to entertain. Definitely was one of my top stories to read. When you find inspiration to write, it truly is a calling for you and would love to read more. Peace & love
5/28 c17 1Ballerina91
Well, I'm late in seeing this. But I'm so glad you're back!

A Fellow KU Fan.

P.S. Wasn't their tourney run so much fun this year!?
5/25 c17 ashdc92
I found this story earlier and haven’t been able to put my phone down pretty much the entire time I’ve been reading it. It gave me an excuse to ignore my laundry (again..) and it’s been a great story to get lost in. Your writing is awesome and I can’t wait to read more. Hope to see an update soon!
5/22 c17 petmom1213
Please write more. It's so good.

Mickey Hall

PS she needs to tear up those papers.
5/9 c1 Pattigirl23
Wow this story is amazing, I love them and their love so much... You're an awesome writer. Thank you for sharing.
5/8 c17 BehindTheEyes
I’ve just binge read my whole way through and I’m dying for more! This story has got me hooked! Pretty please will you update it soon?
5/8 c17 saintfudge
I am putting this back in my alerts ..see you at the end ..have fun
4/26 c17 23chartwilightmom
wow, your life is a bit nuts right now, i can see why it takes a while for you to update, but no worries, now that i am all caught up, i will wait patiently for the next update, enjoyed reading this so far, lots of real insecurities and personal issues we all have, omgosh his parents, can i vote now for the worse couple of esme and carlisle, thank you for your story and posting, hope life is treating you better, keep it coming when you can
4/23 c17 Guest
Love this story
4/21 c17 Nat
Dude, it's been ages. But it's a great story with fun characters and it's one of my favorites (even unfinished, as it is). Imagine my surprise when I randomly come back to see an update.

Thank you. Hope you're well.
4/16 c17 Betsy
Just checking in to see if you had updated. Hope you and your family are doing well.
4/12 c17 Guest
So great to see the story continues!
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