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6/6/2018 c3 Borello
great story. i hoped to read more.
3/30/2014 c3 rosemon2
who's next
9/26/2013 c3 15McCrazy23
Not bad. Very... Dark. But some mistakes that people pointed out. Like the eyes. Also its ibiki not ibinki. It feels rushed however but will follow. Update soon and how the next dies...
6/26/2013 c1 Bloody Dragon Fox
So far I like this story. I just have one problem. The doctor says that he had to remove Naruto's eyes. Then when you change the point of view, Naruto still has his eyes as if they were never removed. I though that he was going to have replacement eyes just like his arm and legs. If Makina could attach the arm and legs when he was asleep, why not his eyes to?
5/11/2013 c3 3Gir240
This is good
4/18/2013 c3 bug
4/8/2013 c3 Agato - The Hadou Inari
You gotta continue this but do NOT have Naruto captured or killed damn it. The kid doesn't deserve it with that crap those arrogant and evil sons of bitches did to him.
2/2/2013 c3 2Killer-Gear
I really like this, please continue.
1/4/2013 c3 roboguy45
I really don't see how they have so much powers in a NINJA VILLAGE, I mean Civilans never should have that much power.
1/4/2013 c2 roboguy45
Man you have made the ninjas of the hidden leaf weak.
1/4/2013 c1 roboguy45
Wait I thought Naruto lost his eyes how did he see all that before that lasy came to help him?
12/24/2012 c3 2Analyn Rockwand
12/15/2012 c3 3voidwalker23
pleas update soon.
11/20/2012 c3 9Dregus
its pretty cool with naruto going 'saw' on those council members.
10/2/2012 c3 9Alienatia
loving it so far,keep going! is sakura mom next or last?
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