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for Potter Who and the Wossname's Thingummy

8/2 c8 2CureCaligraphy
er. why, exactly, are you looking for Valeyard. (worried noises)
8/2 c7 CureCaligraphy
Is that a reference to The Lodger? WHEN IS THIS DOCTOR FROM
8/2 c11 CureCaligraphy
... Okay. I need to read this from the beginning. I lost all context.
7/18 c13 2Detsella Morningdew
"My unconscious outstrips me by orders of magnitude."

That is precisely why Doctor Who was interesting to me. He wasn't just "quirky" - he was quirky in a way that made SENSE and was very relatable. (I would certainly not consider myself a genius, just that my skills of communication and even just my ability to think in the front of my brain has always lagged behind what my subconscious is able to do. My best ideas always come out of absolutely no trace of a thought process. Possibly remains of a previous case of severe autism, or perhaps just brain damage, but I'm like the Doctor, but with scaled down quite a bit intelligence-wise.)
7/18 c1 Detsella Morningdew
You're good at this.
7/11 c14 Guest
Fun fact: fresh strawberry juice is actuall *brown*, not red like you might expect.
5/28 c10 violet trees
I'm calling it. Doctor's Merlin, The Master's Snape, and hell, I don't know, River Song's Voldemort.
5/28 c9 violet trees
Hell. Snape's the Master, isn't he? Well, the Doctor's screwed now. Or maybe not, but he is shaping up to be a wonderful character.

Soo many quotes from one chapter! I delight in it.

oh, and sorry for spamming multiple comments. It's just that this is such a delightful fic and I have a horrendous memory.
5/28 c8 violet trees
Oh, and the Doctor's casual arrogance? *chef's kiss* That characterization. I love it.
5/28 c8 violet trees
Also, I love how The Doctor examines things. Inquisitive yet childish. If I had to choose how to put the Eleventh Doctor's manic, genius energy in script, this is how I'd go about it.
5/28 c7 violet trees

The fic toes the line between cringey and hilarious so well! <3
5/28 c7 violet trees
I'm so happy about the characterization. You got the Doctor's saving-people-complex juuust right.

'Good, that makes you worthwhile', indeed. Such an interesting man.
5/28 c6 violet trees
Of course the Doctor'd sacrifice a knight for a pawn. Heck, he'd sacrifice the *Queen* for a pawn. Sadly, that's what makes the Doctor magnificent.
5/28 c6 violet trees
hahahaha, Slytherins are so chill. It's hilarious.
5/28 c5 violet trees
oohoo I like this interpretation of Binns. Every author writes him as someone who can't be reasoned with, and I was fine with that until I read your version. I like it!
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