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8/4/2019 c39 3Kiseichew
I just reread your story over the course of two days and it's a shame I was sleep deprived most of the time because I hardly remember any of the fine details even though I know there were some quoteable quotes and jolly good scenes in there. I love your themes of people being people and deserving to be treated humanely even if they aren't, strictly speaking, human, as well as that of things not always being what they seem or are assumed to be. I know you had a ton of interesting world building (even if I can be damned to recall any of it), plus the callbacks here and there to prior seemingly insignificant actions, quotes or names. A fun read; I'm sad internet fiction isn't designed for flipping through pages back and forth, or holding one finger in a bookspine so you can search through the book for prior references to a name you've forgotten. Would be happy to reread it again to try to reabsorb it all if I had time to spare.
8/3/2019 c2 david.egolf.71
My best guess as to an in-story reason for the dual sorting is that Harry actually has two people in his mind at once, as is indicated by the last sentence of this of this chapter and expanded upon later on. The Sorting Hat alludes to this, saying things like: "One at a time please", "And you still feel like two people". It's easy to imaging the Sorting Hat having a one-house-per-person sorting rule.
8/3/2019 c2 StoneTheLoner
You're giving Harry too much inner dialogue. I see him more as the television character than the boy from a book so it's strange to actually hear his thoughts. Dr. Who has always been a talkative and interactive character and that's half the fun.

More seriously though... sorting him into two houses is both a copout and too outlandish to take seriously. I'm honestly thinking about dropping the story because of it. Are we supposed to pretend that was ever possible and if so why? Can you explain why the founders made that an option but it hasn't been seen since forever? Besides, at least with the Gryffindor option the hat made a counterpoint to it that he didn't with Slytherin so wouldn't that make it the better choice? Or even Hufflepuff... After stalling the hat asked which house he preferred because he's a fit for all them. So shouldn't his choice negate some rediculous idea like sorting him into two houses? This sorting even calls into question the point of the hat... why bother? It was made to serve a purpose that you just circumvented.

Did you think he'd be a better fit for Slytherin but didn't want to separate him from the canon house he belonged to? So much more convenient when you can just say fck-it and force something to work :(
8/1/2019 c39 1Linnorria
Oh dear I really need to go and re-read from the beginning! I have forgotten too many details. So happy to see an update though.
8/1/2019 c2 carnagie
Odd question but I just started rereading this, is McGonagall The Master?
7/31/2019 c1 david.egolf.71
I notice that a quote by Stanislaw Lem has been added to this chapter... I wonder if this hints at how the Doctor arrives to the start of this story.
7/27/2019 c38 heather99
You have no idea the excitement I felt when I saw this fic had updated, partly because of the stunning timing of it. Having recently recommended the fic to a friend, I felt it was time for another reread, and I got a little sad about halfway through the reread looking at how long it had been since the last update, and I started to wonder whether there would be any more chapters. About half an hour later, an email pinged into my inbox informing me that when I reached the end of the story, there'd be a new chapter on there for me. And a brilliant chapter it was too! Excellent timing. Wonderful story. Can't wait to see how it all unfolds. I've never seen such a good sense of how Harry's and the Doctor's voices sound.
7/26/2019 c39 Guest
So that's what you were talking about with including Rowling's later additions. Wonder how important he'll be to the mechanics of the story; breaking time, and suddenly Who-canon events show up... ordinarily I'd cite conservation of detail, but with this story it might well be a sidenote. Can't wait to find out though!
7/26/2019 c39 Guest
Thank you for the fast updates! Looking forward to the return to shores of Scotland. America was somehow more dream-like than Kirkus Square or Hogwarts plumbing tunnels.
7/26/2019 c2 4Blue Blossoms
You almost succeeded in copying the Rowling writing style, but your Americanism sticks up like a sore thumb! Please look up the definition of Momentarily and perhaps you'd understand why people, especially Brits laugh when American air hostesses say land 'momentarily'. Same thing applies when you misuse momentarily instead of Shortly. Otherwise, keep up the good work; very interesting story and good job at managing to copy the English writing style.
7/26/2019 c39 1darthtenebrosius
I think that the only word to describe that chapter is "interesting".
Certainly less confusing than the last chapter, for which I am grateful.
Looking forward to more!
7/25/2019 c39 david.egolf.71
Great chapter! I wonder if Iain was contemporaneous with Iphitus Malfoy at Hogwarts?
7/25/2019 c39 119TheBigCat
I have absolutely no idea what's going on but god damn do I love it. This fic meanders like my thoughts tend to very late at night, and yet I know that it's going somewhere. Maybe. I don't think I actually care at this point; it's just all so marvelous anyway. Favorite part of this chapter - the mirror-image perceptions with the reason that Slytherin left Hogwarts. It's such a small thing but I really did love it.
7/25/2019 c39 Zexs
Your writing style really reminds me of Pratchett's.
7/25/2019 c39 DarkRavie
I really like your story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
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