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10/21/2013 c12 153IronAmerica
Late review is late. *sighs* Sorry about that.

Well, you can't say that Lupin didn't try. Unfortunatly for him, Ginny is stubborn and has pittbull-like tendencies to latch onto something and not let go. *sighs* And at least he tries to help out. Not that it'll do him any favors, of course, but A for effort there.

Cape, butt out. Ginny's a big girl, she can take care of herself.

And then all that mess at the lockup, and at least Harry is on the ball. More or less. *sighs* Again, A for effort.

Harry tries. Malfoy tries. Both of them fail. *looks at them* Morons.

Except this ending goes better than the ending in the show, what with everyone who knows how to fix Vince's problem of being framed and alleged dead-ness being actually dead.

Hooray for snakewine! Lol.

Lovely end to this. No quibbles.

10/7/2013 c12 35dem bones
Is that it to this AU? This was nice it's a pity we couldn't see Snape and Harry's relationship develop outside hero/villain. Oh well, this is alright. Definitely adding this to my favorites now that it's complete.
8/20/2013 c11 dem bones
So awesome. I can't wait.
3/15/2013 c10 203Gotham Siren
Nice chapter! I actually don't recognize the chapter title. *is stumped*

Poor Harry. He and Vince need a support group, seriously. So do Herminone and Orwell... Yeesh. One's batshit crazy, and the other is turning into a drunk. :/ I'd be crazy any day!

No complaints about this chapter. :)

3/15/2013 c10 153IronAmerica
Updates are always nice to see. :) *nods*

That always happens. This, of course, is why you do not give people who make explosives out of anything they can get their grubby little hands on pieces of gum. No. Just no. *sighs* That is a bad idea. So... Kinda your fault guys. Ouch. But hey, at least they know how to fix this! *glee*

Also, acid is a bit on the harsh side for this. Jeeze guys. It was just a bit of... Oh yeah. See, bat guano is highly toxic and requires full-level containment suits if you want to go near large amounts of it, and hazmat suits and such are the general recommendation for dealing with even minor amounts of it. So... Yeah. Just a tiny bit on the harsh side for the acid, but not by much.

And there's Mad-Eye to save the day and be all awesome and shit. Because that's how he is. :) And Harry's a moron, no matter what. *whaps him with a rolled-up newspaper* Seriously. *Never* make promises like that.

Poor Hermione... :( *hugs her*

*snickers at Albus* Cute. Real cute. *pats him on the head* You guys are adorable.

Lovely chapter.

1/3/2013 c9 IronAmerica
Finally leaving a review...

And yes, Harry, Ron is a moron like that. Naturally, though, he can have startling moments of intelligence. (More than Harry, which means the concussion tally is still in favor of Ron, with far fewer...) Oh well. Crash course in bomb making: Do not do this, you will get blown up by your own incompetence and general lack of knowledge. Done.

Poor Orwell... No matter if she's Jamie or Hermione, it just doesn't work out. :\ Also, she just needs a hug. Poor thing.

Nice to see that Sirius is back on speaking terms with his baby brother. And... Okay, is it Fleur or Gabrielle who we need to be worried about? Because my money's on Fleur. :P

It was Romanian on the show, but either way, it's still incomprehensible to the majority of the people who watched it. Cool to listen to, though. :D

I'm sorry you had to reference the Spice Girls. Do you need a hug?

Albus just needs to die. I'm sorry, but he does. Chess is going to make it bloody, isn't he? *sighs*

Also, Harry is noble but an idiot. Good for him on foiling plots and banter, though. (Essential parts of a superhero's repertoire.)

On the other hand... Well, I suppose having his secret identity blown (sort of) is also a part of the hero's journey.

Lovely chapter, as usual. :)

1/2/2013 c9 203Gotham Siren
Nice chapter! Now this has me wanting to watch episode nine... *huggles my David plushie* Talk to me, PLEASE! AHHHHH! *dies*

So Orwell isn't crazy, huh? Nice. I say she's crazy whenever her migraines pick up again, like she said "the headaches come in waves" in EndGame. *huggles Orwell* Poor thing.

I doubt anyone would take offense to that. I'm a partial redhead, and I don't think it was. (Gotta love them Irish genes.)

Looking forward for the next chapter. :)

12/29/2012 c8 Gotham Siren
Honey, Orwell will always be crazy in this episode. 'Sides, she doesn't really go off the deep end until the end of the episode.

Lovely chapter! Chess is diabolical, as usual. Loved the comments about the lemon drops.

Poor Ginny and Al. Maybe they should seek counseling alongside Dana and Trip. :/

Good chapter, hoping to see more soon!

12/28/2012 c8 153IronAmerica
Thank god the wedding craziness is over... *breathes a sigh of relief*

I should not beta while doing wedding prep as well. Submachine gun, not semiautomatic rifle. *headwalls repeatedly; sighs* Sorry 'bout that. :(

Honestly, that ARK officer is lucky Ginny didn't try to kill him... Heh. She shoulda yelled at him a li'l more. Lucky man, him. Poor Harry, by the way. Awwww. :( It sucks to be in his life at moments like these. :( *hugs him*

Scales is still more believable/likeable in this role. *glowers at Gilderoy* I can't wait till episode ten, just so you know, dude. *glowers some more* Go Snape! :D

Hermione, playing solitaire? Isn't she supposed to be a computer genius?! What happened to surround sound, hi-def games? What happened to Warcraft? Solitaire?! Wait... I suppose that makes sense. She's gone kinda lolo after all.

Tonks needs a hug. Ron needs a bandage. Sirius needs to stop being a jerk. (Although he does have a point. :\ *sighs*)

Chess needs to kill Albus. Albus is creepy.

Good chapter overall. :) I liked it.

12/28/2012 c8 35dem bones
Interesting development with Snape and Chess. So at some level Snape is a perpetual badass villain even without the aid of Chess. Chess is just a little more daring than he is.
11/7/2012 c7 153IronAmerica
So today was supposed to be my day off when I could review things. I ended up writing instead. *sighs* But hey. It's updated! Yay! *is happy*

Awwwww. :( Poor Hermione. *hugs her* Hey, at least she doesn't have to deal with her father hitting on her partner... :P (Oh subtext, how we love thee. :D)

Summer Ferrin, huh? :D Awesome. Think anyone will get the references?

And Tommy-tom has a mental breakdown... Sheesh. You'd think he'd have gotten used to rejection by now. *sighs*

Ron and Rollo would make good friends. They both like hitting people. Think Rollo plays chess as well as Ron does? :P

Bellatrix is nutty. That is all. And...awwwww. :( Poor Hermione. She needs lots of hugs. But she can still kick ass while she's drugged, which is something! :D Hermione is badass. :)

Hooray for Harry being heroic!

And Al wants pizza. That is pretty cool. I still want to know how long it takes to get around Palm City. And how long did Ginny stay out with Remus after that interrogation thing? How did it take her from about 7:30 (roughly speaking) to ten o'clock to get home? Hmmm... This is why we write fanfic, isn't it?

Orwell is saved! Yay! :D And yeah, the door was a bit much. But it got the Cape and Chess to team up to scare the patootie out of the Scarecrow in that one story. (And have so, so much UST... :P)

Lovely chapter altogether. :) It's very cool. I'm glad I finally reviewed it. No quibbles that I can spot atm. Lemme get back to you in December. :P

11/6/2012 c7 203Gotham Siren
Well... Us shippers don't really mind her being a few bats short of a belfry... *huggles my Vinwell plushies* What? I still has a headache. :0 Don't judge meh! *huggles them again, squees*

I shall name this chapter my squishy and it shall be mine. :3

Seriously, good chapter. Is it bad that I can complete the actual quote as I'm reading it in your fic? Oh well, I'm still enjoying it. :)

Oooh, me, me! I'm looking forward to the HP version of Razor! :D What? Why would you think that I'm just in it for the Vinwell or the Harry/Hermione? :3

One quibble, though: You used "But the rational part" in the sentence prior. Maybe you meant "But the irrational part"?

Nice work, otherwise!

11/6/2012 c7 35dem bones
"I'm here to give you away. Isn't that what fathers do?" Severus asked, his smile never wavering.

"I don't want you to be my father!"

"Where is mum?" Hermione asked.

"She's where she's always been," he said at length.

"What did you do to her?"

/I think I understand about Orwell a bit more now./
11/4/2012 c6 153IronAmerica
I'm finally leaving a review... *sighs* This is late, isn't it?

Yes, listen to Ginny's thoughts. It's incredibly disturbing, if you think about it. (Vince and Harry are *so* lucky their respective wives don't have guns...) Thank god for vanishing tricks, right? And he's lucky that Ginny is so willing to help after this shock. Al is still funny. I love that line. :D

Now that I've started taking self-defense, this episode has *totally* replaced episode 7 as the creepiest overall... *shivers* Poor Hermione. She needs a real knight in shining armor... Hey Ron!

Lol. That was a funny meeting. :D Poor Remus. He just can't win, can he? Although he was pretty awesome in this episode. :D *hugs Remus*

Oh Remus, if you only knew... :P *snickers*

What, no game of "Bad Cop, Psycho Cop"? They do it all the time on SVU! (Yeah, bad example. Sorry Harry.) And, I have to put this in here: Sorry Thicknesse, about your family. But you kinda killed them, so... :S

Okay, saying that to nutty Bella was...not a good idea. For Tom or Hermione. *sighs*

Poor Hermione. She needs a hug. And can I assume the hair came from her mother's side of the family? :P

Lovely chapter. :D


(Oh, and please don't boycott Toys R Us until *after* the toys for tots stuff is over?)
11/3/2012 c6 203Gotham Siren
Yay! I has bonesies. :3 *cuddles the bones, hurries away to tuck them under my pillow, comes back floating* Ahhhh. Have I mentioned how happy this made me? It's my favorite episode, after all! :D

Anyways, this chapter was great! The characters and their interactions from the episode were awesome as ever. Voldemort is still creeping me out, though. And I still love Bellatrix! :D *huggles her*

Poor, poor Hermione. She and Jamie should form a support group against Harry and Vince. Bloody bastards. Why do you have to be so hot? :P

No complaints from me. Looks like you got all of the typos in time. Lovely chapter.

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