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for To Wake a Shadow King

9/8/2016 c2 SnellsLaw
I knew he didn't realize he was hugging her. I know some people like that who would so things when they are half-awaken and forget about it. I had a friend who even had a conversation in the early mornings that she forgot about it once completely awake. heheh
So cute! I wonder what the twins had planned. Seems like they want everyone to catch Haruhi and Kyoya sleeping together, but Kyoya already woke up, leaving sleeping Haruhi behind.
Update soon! This is a lovely story.
9/8/2016 c1 SnellsLaw
Hahah! This was such a funny chapter. I kept laughing as I read more. Loved it so much! Kyoya's cute in the mornings, how did they even come up with 'low blood pressure demon' title, when it should have been 'cute snuggler'? He uses Haruhi as his person snuggly pillow. So cute!
12/22/2015 c2 rosabella-blood
Love it and can't wait for the next chapter
2/9/2014 c1 15Quirkista
How incredibly amusing!
2/8/2014 c2 118claraowl
I would like to see the rest of the game! :D
2/8/2014 c1 claraowl
How very intriguing.
As for constructive criticism...
There were a couple of small grammatical errors in the beginning (your vs. you're).
I suggest that you put thoughts in italics. It's just a stylistic choice, but I believe that it makes the fic appear more polished.
3/2/2013 c2 1mtnikolle
This is interesting. I hope you're still planning on continuing :)
10/16/2012 c2 nosebleedgirl
not another nosebleed!
i thinnk you captured Kyouya perfectly in this, and kept everyone in character!
10/16/2012 c1 nosebleedgirl
oh no...
i had a nosebleed from all the cutesy smut!
9/19/2012 c2 20the hotpocket hunter
Hahahaha! This is good, update soon plz!
9/13/2012 c2 xionnevermore
I. Want. More! I just really want to know where you take this. Aside from a few spelling and/or grammatical errors, it's a really good story. Please update soon?
9/5/2012 c2 BeNICEeatRICExx
I like it! I love kyoya and haruhi as a pair. I'm excited to see how their relationship builds! Really good job, and good cliff hanger. I definitely can't wait for the next chapter to see what the twins are up too!
9/3/2012 c2 hanna-chan
(Hika-chan, Kao-chan) LET THE GAMES BEGIN!
(Hanna-chan) Hey wait you have to tell them the rules first Kao-chan, Hika-chan. We also have the thank Darknessdawns-san for writing this story.
(Hika-chan, Kao-chan) oh yeah, your right Hanna-chan. Thank you Darknessdawns-san! NOW LET THE GAMES BEGIN! (runs away...)
(Hanna-chan) GUYS YOU STILL HAVEN'T TOLD THEM THE RULES! GUYS! oh well...thank you for a great story. We can't wait to read more.
9/2/2012 c2 2LivingForYaoi01
9/2/2012 c2 3WindsofDuskSweepThroughMyHair
This is a fantastic story! Please update soon!
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