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9/8/2014 c9 1Musical Umbreon
that was soooooooooooo KAWAII
2/14/2014 c4 14torinokomachi
I haven't finished reading but I had to be honest... Naomi's a bit similar to Fairy Tail's Lucy in a few ways... First, their father turned a cold shoulder towards them when their mother died, second, they were from a rich family until they decided to live an individual, normal life. Though the difference is, Lucy's father isn't exactly abusive but rather, much more loving than Naomi's. And Lucy still couldn't forgive him until he died while Naomi still respected him no matter what happened to him. It's a bit of coincidental, I know. Oh, and I really the flow. _
9/15/2012 c9 4YueShiyume
It was the cutest thing ever! IT WAS THE CUTEST STORY I'VE EVER READ ABOUT KIDOU! THAT WAS GREAT! AND I'M TOTALLY HAPPY FOR YOU, THE AUTHOR, WHO HAD SUCH A WONDERFUL IDEA! I never thought Naomi and Kidou would end up as "it!" I thought it would be her and Endou XDDD It was nice! GODD JOB! *thumbs up*

Anyways, I'm Yue, yoroshiku onegaishimasu 3 I am a fan of Endou, Kidou, Fubuki, Kazemaru and Hiroto 3 /dancesaway
9/6/2012 c9 5FluffyLavandelClouds
Sorry for the late review, I ruined my France test and my dad cut off the internet for a whole week _'

The end was so cute
9/5/2012 c9 6jumbled thoughts keep me up
Oh man... Kidou and Naomi... WOW MAMERA-NEE-SAN :O It was soooo... Cinderella-esque! She SHALL go to the ball (LOL just had to put that in there)! Abused daughter goes to the dance, finds her prince and (hopefullyxp) lives happily ever after! Na na naaaaaaa (lol random singing) :D I love how Naomi-chan gets teased all the times and when she goes "Mou *pouty face*" I can totally imagine that happening LOL KIDOU AND NAOMI ARE PROM KING AND PROM QUEEENNNN I TOTALLY SAW THAT COMING :DDDD Oh God, when I finished this story I had so much I wanted to type :P But then I came back from lunch and I totally forgot about them now URGH Those designs sounded amaaaazing though :) I would totally love to draw them I love how you kept Kidou's identity shrouded in mystery the whole time, and I loved how the little fragments of information got pieced together by Naomi-chan at the end just in time :D SO MUCH MORE I WANNA WRITE BUT I DON'T EVEN! GAH x3 Just... Loved this. So much.
9/4/2012 c9 DutchWreck
That was SO cute! XD Love it :)
9/4/2012 c9 ShadowCyclone
Hee hee xD Mai was peeking! What an amzing prom! I knew it was Kidou! :D Naomi n Kidou are such a sweet couple!
9/2/2012 c6 Dolichotis-chan
My previous review still didn't arrived... A what does it matter. Still to lazy to login.

Yuuto-chan, it sound so... cute. But it is a bit weird, because Kidou is a boy, and most of the time, you use -kun for a boy. But using -chan makes it much cuter
9/2/2012 c5 Dolichotis-Chan
I'm too lazy to log in, but I reviewed before, so you can find me under the same name.
Nice chapter
Bad Yuuto, don't eavesdrop, it's rude... But why do I care, you're so cute :)
And Haruna and Fudou. It isn't my favorite paring, but I don't hate it either. So, see you the next time you update.
9/4/2012 c8 jumbled thoughts keep me up
Ya know, Naomi-san, for a genius, you're really quite dense. OBVIOUSLY those rose petals were from Kidou! Gosh how sweet x3 a rose petal trail! Kidou just can't woo a girl the normal way xD THIS CHAPTER WAS PURE LOVE i can't wait to see the designs you have in mind for the girls, Mamera-nee-san!
9/1/2012 c3 Guest
it's a very good story i can't see what will happen next
well we need to wait
anyway on next time
9/3/2012 c8 ShadowCyclone
Secret date? Now that is something I wanna see! I love how Haruna was like KAWAII at everything and the other girls were SUGOi... XD
9/3/2012 c7 ShadowCyclone
Waaaaa... Cool story!
9/3/2012 c7 DutchWreck
Awesome chapter :) Good to have things cleared up between Elle and Naomi. And my nickname for her XD
9/3/2012 c7 jumbled thoughts keep me up
Awww Naomi-san's normal now! (Whoops, no offense :P)

Elle-chan's so sweet(: There's a great future for her and Naomi's friendship

I love Kidou's reaction when he found out Naomi was studying at Raimon. LOL I can totally imagine his head shooting up from... i don't even know :P A book maybe?

Anyways, update soon?

Love Violet*
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