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for A Perfect Match

2/17/2020 c1 NazaraZero
Just stumbled onto your profile and i have to say I really enjoy your stories especially this one!

I’m a sucker for fluff
9/8/2017 c5 7DRWPJT
I know this story is old but I just stumbled upon it and absolutely loved it. Far too many awesome bits to draw attention to anything specific but loved it.
11/23/2016 c5 11lyricsaboutcats
Everything about this was lovely! The wedding, the turian chef, and OH MY GOD of course they went to a Galaxy Trek convention for their honeymoon and adopted adorable children. Reading this was the best part of my day. :D
11/23/2016 c4 lyricsaboutcats
The banter between Don and Nalik was really funny. Everything about this chapter was cute, and the shakedown of human customs was fun to read (I wish they did that more in the game!). The various reactions from the different species shopkeepers were interesting, too, and I loved the proposal. My brain is drowning in fluff! :)
11/23/2016 c3 lyricsaboutcats
Oh, interesting turn of events! I'm glad it worked out with Nalik's mother, and I like that you wrote her in such a way that she was endearing/multifaceted instead of antagonistic. :D
11/23/2016 c2 lyricsaboutcats
I laughed at the offer to organize Alice's kitchen cabinets. I was rooting for Nalik so I'm glad it, ahem, worked out so well. His mother interrupting was quite funny, and Nalik being so bold with everything is quite refreshing. xD
11/23/2016 c1 lyricsaboutcats
Oh wow, this is so cute! I really enjoyed the parts where Nalik and Alice went to the convention, and Don was a very amusing wing man. Salarians only sleeping for an hour has always been interesting, too, and bringing it up in the context of having a relationship with another species was very well done. :)
6/3/2015 c5 Guest
And that's how I cri Eri Timed.
1/30/2015 c1 5Jack104
Ermahgawd! This fix was just amazing! And I greatly enjoyed it!
My favorite part was the convention which I adored to bits
I just fell in love with this story! 3
9/1/2013 c5 10WiseSilver
This was beautiful, I love stories like these. Thank you for writing it!
9/22/2012 c5 I-lov3-drells
awwww thats all i can say is awwwwwwww
9/6/2012 c1 1TheMaxiEX
Awesome but you could have added 1 more longer explicide scene at the end.
And give us some moar sexy salarian stuff

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