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for Held Captive with Love

9/17/2014 c8 renee
pleasseee continue. I love this story. I can read this story even i am dutch. And my english isn't great...
6/23/2014 c8 emily.mclean.7505
epic so far add more chapters till they all fall for a fairy but i never imajind OgronxFlora iamagined it Ogron x Bloom Gantlos x Musa Anagan x flora Duman x Roxy
6/19/2014 c8 XxXSmiles101XxX
Oh my god, I don't know what to say. It is just amazing you really have improved well done. When I saw this in my inbox I was like almost squealing. You have definitely improved and I have really enjoyed reading this, and the plot is brilliant. Please update soon :) I will always want more :D
6/8/2014 c7 Guest
Ogron should be her boyfriend
3/18/2014 c7 floraheliafrvr
2/19/2014 c7 Blackveilbrideslover26
Helia should be flora's ex boyfriend and anagan should be her boyfriend
12/15/2013 c7 Saturn's moon
Great story and helia should be Flora's ex-boyfriend and Anagan should be her boyfriend.
Face it, he likes her in season 4

10/9/2013 c7 26Midnight Lost
Not bad, though your writing needs some work.

For instance you have your dialogue bunched up in the middle of the paragraph when you have multiple characters talking. This makes it some what confusing and disorientating for your readers. Also, each chapter looks like one big paragraph. Practice on breaking it up and adding in more detail of the scene to fill in the gaps.
9/24/2013 c4 Princess Flora
I love the story line. Make helia the boyfriend of roxy, and flora and the wizards are boyfriends and girlfriends. I love stories with more than one boyfriend. I love it keep it up. Update soon please thanks
7/6/2013 c1 guest
Anagan should be her boyfriend.
4/2/2013 c7 2cocacola8306
i love the story line, its really original and cool
3/17/2013 c7 bookworm0505
3/8/2013 c7 Guest
1/24/2013 c5 hannah
i think your story's are good
1/16/2013 c7 15KiaraDuman
Please update! :(
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