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for Held Captive with Love

12/28/2012 c7 3xoXRedVelvetXox
helia helia helia she's better with him ;)
12/9/2012 c7 nessa.coburn2
I love the story! It's a real good idea, it's awesome! I'm glad you fixed it up a lot. If you were going to have one of the Wizards as her boyfriend, I would say Anagan, because Anagan has always flirted (or tried to) with Flora. Ogron would be my second choice. I would keep Helia as her boyfriend though, they are so good together, but maybe keep Anagan or Ogron as a secret close friend or something. Anyways, I'd love to read more :)
10/28/2012 c7 FloraxHelia
There are many reasons for Helia to stay Floras bf
R1: Helia would do anything for Flora
R2: Anagan and Duman tried to steel Flora's wings
R3: Ogron and the others hurt and almost KILLED Flora in the first episode of season4
R4: Helia always saves Flora when she is in danger
Example: In the movie Winx Club Magical Adventure Helia saves Flora from his evil hologram
I've given you a lot of reasons so please let Helia and Flora be Boyfriend and girlfriend
10/25/2012 c7 2Lucyole
helia should be the ex and anagan or ogron cant decide but i vote more for anagan
vecause he likes her or have a soft spot or admires her in the show but they should
be enemy befror they falling slowly in love with each other(maybe a little pallafium flora woudl be fun too i love that pairing) flora is just the best and my fav chara
in winx please write further i love that story because every guy of them wants her
yay would be very happy to read more soon*gives you cookies for inspiration*
10/23/2012 c7 Guest
Helia should be her boyfriend
10/19/2012 c7 Elisnfja
Helia should be her bf
10/18/2012 c7 Guest
Helia luvs flora. He should stay her bf. Please!
10/17/2012 c7 Winx flora333
Helia not Ogron the wizards hurt her so many times
10/17/2012 c7 Chatty kathy
Helia should be her bf not ex
10/16/2012 c7 Floral love
Helia should stay her boyfriend because helia would do anything for flora. Please I'm begging u DON'T DO IT. Helia is Floras 4 ever!
10/16/2012 c7 Guest
Helia should be her boyfriend
10/14/2012 c7 Guest
Helia should stay her boyfriend. They are perfect 4 each other. :)
10/8/2012 c7 Elizabeth
Considering Flora just met the wizards this season I think Helia should be the ex-boyfriend and Helia is the safe great guy all parents want for their daughter's first boyfriend. Please update soon
10/7/2012 c7 Dolly
Helia should be her boyfriend
10/6/2012 c7 Bre
I think you should have Orgron as the boyfriend and Helia as the ex.
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