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for Held Captive with Love

10/6/2012 c7 formerlyknown
Helia boyfriend and the wizard with brown hair ex
10/2/2012 c6 winxfloral
Thats the spirit,,,in story you should make helia little bit more harsh and bossy soo flora Will see wizards are nicer and or make her fall in love one of the wizards these are just some ideas if you dont like it then dont use it but i am so happy that you didnt care the reviews of forverflora or sonething she is the who should change her Stories some of them dont even make sense
9/29/2012 c6 Guest
What?! foreverflora or florafan21 blah blah whatever her name is dosent know what she's talking about! Your story isn't bad, you could maybe use a little help I'm spacing and placement but your have a good plot :) Besides she shouldn't criticizes you since she places a damn ellipsis (...) ever two words which makes no sense! I think you have great potential, your just a little rough around the edges. Also at least your plot is original, foreverflora's story "Outcast" is a copy from the story "No disguises" by KukkiaKipu which came out way before foreverflora's. I bet that stories not the only one she took either. Don't let people get you down, specially when there not even worth it!
9/29/2012 c6 Bre
Thanks for mentioning me and thanks for continuing the story.
9/29/2012 c6 XxXSmiles101XxX
Thank you for the mention that's really nice and considerate of you. Now about the ideas, maybe you should do a filler chapter about the winx and the guys trying to find Flora. Or even how Flora's doing with the wizards, just ideas really, you don't have to use them or anything.
Also don't lose your inspiration, this is a wonderful story, besides what you might call (don't take offense) loss of inspiration might just be writer's block. Every author gets that at some time or another, also it could help if you have someone to bounce ideas off, like a friend or beta or sibling that knows the show and can accept creative alternates or even another author. Just try to keep writing whatever comes into your head.
With Love
9/24/2012 c5 XxXSmiles101XxX
I don't think you are wasting my time. I believe it is a wonderful plot line and story idea. I don't this story sucks it just need a little improvement with description, grammar and paragraphing. And you need to remember that different people like different things including stories, so if 'floraforever16' doesn't like this then it's their problem not yours. Also if you enjoy writing this, then I see no reason why you should give up. Just remember every writer needs to start somewhere and there is no better place then this story.
With Love,
9/23/2012 c5 52svpernxtvrxl
Okay... I Was Reading Some Of The Reviews... The Reason It's Not My Favorite Story... Is Because...

I Don't Know... I Just Am Not Into Stories About The Black Circle...

I Will Read Stories About. MxR... FxH... SxB... BxS... Winx club and Specialists... It's Not Because It Is Not My Signature Couple, though..

I Have My Reasons Why I Do Not Like It... It Is Just Too Hard To Put Into Words, though...

But... You DO HAVE To Learn How To Except Criticism... EVERYBODY Here At FF.N Does... Because... There WILL Be Critics... I Can Tell By ALOT Of The Reviewers Who Disagreed With Me... That... They Do NOT Know How To Accept Criticism... I Didn't At First Either... I Cried... I Felt Like I Wanted To Die... I Felt Cyber Bullied... But... I Got Over It... I Tried... And Tried... And Tried... To Write Better... And... I Did... I Got Better... I Am Know A Well Known Author... Here At FF.N...

I Know That You Can Be A Better Author... (Punctuation Wise) Just... Try... :)
9/21/2012 c5 Sc
This is quite good but why all the wizards like only one fairy? Why don't you do another story where the wizards like some of the winx members?
9/18/2012 c5 Winxfloral
Ppplleeaasssee continue I love your story !
9/17/2012 c5 naturefairy777
No please continue i love it
9/17/2012 c5 Guest
Dont be disheartened just because one criticize your story. Do continue! I really LIKE how it is so unique :)
9/17/2012 c5 11Lycory-archived
Not meaning this in a bad way but...

In my opinion, foreverflora16's reviews has her pros and cons. The plot isn't a problem. Actually, aside illogical, there is no such thing as a 'bad plot'. So if she dislike your plot just because it wasn't her signature couple, I disagree. But if she has other reasons, it depends.

In my personal thoughts, I can tell you I really like the plot.

However, I'm not trying to be mean but your format is out of shape. When a different person speaks, start a new paragraph. And do not bold up everything, it drastically hurts the eye.

Thats about the only thing you story lacks. As for the rest, punctuations and grammar are decent enough, not much mistakes. :) After you've fixed it, it'll be as good as any other decent good stories in this fandom. ;-)

I hope you take what I told you to heart, because I dont usually take time to write critiques like this.

P.s. : Do continue this story, it's a genuine request I'm asking for. _

Good luck on your story!
9/16/2012 c5 Happygirl
Oh no, please contune the story, please
9/16/2012 c5 4loveitsu
i disagree with foreverflora16 i really like the plot and story line, it is well written and is different from the other fanfics out there. i think it works well and the story is really good. in my opinion you are a really good writer and you shouldn't' let people get you down. i think you should continue the story but i understand if you don't...
9/16/2012 c5 Bre
Keep going just because 1 person told you they didn't like it that doesn' mean yoy can stop the story. I like it because it's unique.
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