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11/24/2012 c4 2LadyYunalescaOfZanarkand
I'm impressed.
You stuck almost exactly to the game dialogue, captured the moments perfectly, and portrayed the characters exactly how they're portrayed in the game PLUS your OC.



You're amazing!
11/24/2012 c3 LadyYunalescaOfZanarkand
This chapter is stunning. Okay, I'll stop posting so many reviews.
But seriously, keep this whole thing up.
It's fantastic, I love it! 3
11/24/2012 c2 LadyYunalescaOfZanarkand
This chapter made me laugh, I love it. Reading the scene between Brother and Tidus made me want to play the game again, but at the same time, I want to learn more about Sakura.
I love it!
-keeps on reading now-
11/24/2012 c1 LadyYunalescaOfZanarkand
I just read the prologue. I'm impressed, it's really beautiful. It made me just as tearful as I am when I watch the scene in the game without your OC.
I look forward to reading the rest! 3
11/22/2012 c10 2CobaltGale
Woot! Chapter dedicated to us!

I gotta say, this is shaping up to be a good series.
10/20/2012 c6 CobaltGale
Wow, this is really good.

The beginning really hooked me in, made me interested to read more.

The rest of the story highly interested me. It makes me curious as to how it will turn out.

Anyways...Keep on keeping on.
10/4/2012 c4 ShadowRav
*Search stories for FFX*
Came across this story,
*reading... reading...*
*Scroll down at the end of chapter 4*
*Check box on favorite:story and post review*
Hope you update soon!
9/8/2012 c2 TinayValentine
Haha, Tidus and all his confused and uneven glory! Im suprised his hair wasn't created to be uneven! :D Brother is so embarrassing! Haha, good chapter. :)
9/7/2012 c2 10deadinthevoid
Beautifully done. I can't wait to read the next chapter.
9/7/2012 c1 TinayValentine
I liked this prologue. :) I loved how everyone's emotions were captured perfectly. :) Can't wait so see how this comes along.
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