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7/19/2015 c52 Stratos263
Oh shit it crashed into bevelle
6/26/2015 c51 1A.K.b00m
Great to see you back! Great chapter as always. I'm looking forward to seeing how Suki fits into the final part of the story. Keep up the awesome work.
6/25/2015 c51 11fanficlove2014
Whoo hoo! You're back! :) Long time no see ;) haha Good chapter! I'm getting a bit nervous now! We are almost to the end! T.T What is going to happen? What's Sakura's deal in all this?
6/24/2015 c51 Stratos263
I appreciate the dedication. Just who is Sakura really
6/2/2015 c50 Stratos263
Such a nice scene
6/2/2015 c49 Stratos263
This is it
6/2/2015 c48 Stratos263
Well they made it
6/2/2015 c47 Stratos263
This is depressing
6/2/2015 c46 Stratos263
What is next I wonder
6/2/2015 c45 Stratos263
Still love that scene so romantic
6/2/2015 c44 Stratos263
Dam what a fight
6/2/2015 c43 Stratos263
This is bullshit
6/2/2015 c42 Stratos263
Dam that Seymour
6/2/2015 c41 Stratos263
This is really sad for the al bhed
6/2/2015 c40 Stratos263
That was weird
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