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for Rogue's Regrets

12/2/2012 c1 Guest
great, loved it :)
9/3/2012 c1 desy
I love it! It was sweet and so well-written!
9/2/2012 c1 New Rogan Fan
Loved it :) You did well on her accent. I could go for a little more too! I'm all for fluffiness between these two.
9/2/2012 c1 5RubyRedCase
Its so cute! Argh, I want more tbh :L well done, it's very well written
9/2/2012 c1 InkPaperDoll488
That was a cute fluffy oneshot!

Even if it was ooc, still cute.
9/2/2012 c1 2Artemis Fortune
How sweet! Logan really seems like he'd do better drifting WITH a companion than at the school. I love their bond! :3

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