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10/5 c26 omh666
I have to admit, I see quite a few comparisons between this fic and the one you've clearly mentioned in an early a/n. Enough difference to not be the same story but... A noticiable comparison between them, down to the jump back in time even.
9/24 c10 love4HP
Hermione and Harry were never brotherly sisterly.
9/24 c7 love4HP
I don't know what's it with fanfiction writers and describing dangerous schools for Harry!all the time having to watch his back! I mean guy can also learn in relatively normal school which isn't dangerous! Even though I love reading about alternate schools in HP but prescribing Harry dangerous schools really puts me off!
6/26 c13 ionsjun
Then and than are different im crying at this
6/26 c13 ionsjun
Loving this author i really do but the spelling errors kinda bugs me lolol no offence but its going greaat
6/6 c12 32Jake Crepeau
Totally agree with you. I always thought it was kind of odd that he didn't react badly to learning it. Personally, I think I would've headed for the nearest Catholic church for an exorcism! ;D
6/6 c11 Jake Crepeau
This is a totally awesome system of magic you've invented here! Your explanation of the soul and the magical core makes complete sense. And now Harry actually gets to SEE the leech that attached itself to him that night.
As for Dumbledore...Oh, man, he has absolutely no clue what he's letting himself in for!
6/6 c6 Jake Crepeau
I don't know if there's a technical name for it, and I've never actually seen one, but I've read about them. I hear you get them in the midwestern states of the US. Everything I've read about them just calls them blizzards, because one of the defining characteristics of a true blizzard is its winds, a minimum of 50 mph. Some summer thunderstorms do it, too, and that I DID see once. Awesome, watching the wall of rain coming across the field.
2/1/2019 c7 HeyRae
100 in Harry's year at Hogwarts? How do you figure? There's only 5 boys and 3 girls listed for Griffindor. If you estimate an average of 10 for the other 3 houses, that's still under 40. Where are the other 60 students coming from?
2/1/2019 c5 HeyRae
I had to stop and google images of a chimera so I could have a good visual. Ha. Most of them have Lion, Dragon and Goat (?) heads. Goat? Seriously? Yours sounds better, even if it does only have one head.
1/15/2019 c24 1Zale potter
Nice turn of events.
1/15/2019 c23 Zale potter
I Feel bad for Ashton no one thinks he being honest still great fic none the less.
1/15/2019 c22 Zale potter
At least he got a small amount of good news out of it.
1/15/2019 c21 Zale potter
interesting twist to the story i look forward to how this unfolds.
1/15/2019 c20 Zale potter
Another Great chapter as always.
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