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for One Tree Hill My Version

10/31/2013 c11 A
Please update I have been reading this story and am really enjoying it. I think this story should be a long story. I liked how you put that seen in where Brooke had cramp and Nathan was rubbish her stomach it was really cute. You should put more cute seems in like that to show how caring Nathan is etc that's my opinion anyways

7/26/2013 c11 Pciillaa
Please continue with the story
7/10/2013 c11 1demonicseer
Please don't go on hiatus I am a loyal reader and follower u are so talented keep it up
4/13/2013 c4 Guest
Awe I loved the scene where Nathan was massaging Brooke's stomach because of her cramps. I would love for this story to have lots of chapters and to be long and drama filled I also think Brooke and Nathan should get married soon Brooke Davis Scott sounds great and drama should come any ways I'm rambling so yeah just my ideas!

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