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for Life After All Year Long

9/4/2012 c1 9Prin Pardus
Mac attack no ;-;
You are the sweetest baby
Just let me sweep you up
and hold you
and you can sit in my lap in the sunshine okay

Gosh-darn you for being so terrible to poor Mackintosh and yet so lovely with words. I love the clash between light and dark here, how Mackaboo has to skulk around in the shadows while her family frolic in the light, where in reality she's easily purer than any of those turds. 'Shadow-walker' is actually a good term for her, since even once she wiggled her way out of their grasp, she's continued that sort of behavior; never one to speak up, never one to place her needs first, never one to inject herself into anything unless she is needed to serve. She would have made a pretty good servant, really, if Stone hadn't been such a misogynistic poophead. She and Shaq are pretty alike, but of course neither of them are the type to take charge in a conversation, so they hardly ever talk.

I also like how the light is basically equated with gold, which makes it sound super-valuable, compared to how we usually perceive it (for most people it's no biggie, but to her it's the world). She wants it more than anything, but her family isn't willing to share, and she's not strong enough to take it.

And then her beatings are left up to our imagination. Baboo. ;-;

And then she thinks about killing them and she /apologizes/ for it, despite how completely screwed-up and terrible her family is, which really shows how battered and sad she is, I think. At least she isn't unloved now. I hope she realizes that.

Not gonna touch 5. Baboo.

And then in part six, the part that should be happy because she's freeee, you leave us feeling worse than ever because even freedom isn't sweet without the will to take it. She fled out of necessity, not longing or by choice, so even that simple freedom is stolen from her.

Poor shadow-walker. Poor baby. Poor Mack.

Whoever she ends up with had better love her to pieces, or I'll take an ax to 'em, I swear. Mack's easily one of the sweetest charries in rp, and I adore your characterization of her. I'm super-glad she's starting to take charge of her own fate instead of letting others decide it, and I hope she goes farther down the positive path in the future.

Wonderful work, love.
9/4/2012 c1 2Rivermidnight
Oh my.
This was amazing.
All the feels...

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