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9/24/2013 c11 40Concolor44
This seems an odd place to end the story ...

... but you've got it marked "Complete" ...

... but there is obviously about to be more action ...

... and you updated six months ago ...

Maybe there's a sequel?
I'll look.
3/3/2013 c11 7Taeniaea
cool story
3/2/2013 c11 discb
Memory wipes, awesome.
1/6/2013 c10 TyrionGreywind
Oh snap! Good chapter, short but productive. Just the way I like things :)
1/4/2013 c10 Taeniaea
cool chapter
1/3/2013 c10 discb
Happy family
12/16/2012 c9 TyrionGreywind
This is something that kind of bugs me but I don't really think it's your fault. 1) It's empath, not empathy. Empathy is the power, empath is what you would call the person. 2) It's choked not chocked. 3) Sometimes you use the wrong too/to. Just some gramatical errors that bug me because I come from a long line of grammar nazis. Just thought I'd let you know, no offense intended. Good story though.
12/14/2012 c9 Taeniaea
cool story
12/13/2012 c9 discb
Poor girls... /hug
12/8/2012 c8 Taeniaea
cool story
12/8/2012 c8 discb
Yes they can.

Thanks for the update, the whole trying to be unconscious.
12/2/2012 c7 Raven Angel Of Darkness
cant wait for the next ch
11/30/2012 c7 TyrionGreywind
Hey, I like this. I'd like to see what they plan on doing for the age thing and Raven's memories. I hope you update soon!
11/23/2012 c7 Taeniaea
cool story
11/23/2012 c7 discb
Next chapter looks like it could be funn
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