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8/4/2015 c3 ManuscriptMaiden21
I nearly died of laughter at the Lime Lollypop! Brilliant!
8/4/2015 c1 ManuscriptMaiden21
I really like this. It gave me a good laugh, was sweet, and damn, McCoy's reactions are priceless. I'll definitely be reading the rest of this. :)
5/29/2013 c5 47Ominous Rain
Awww very nice of Spock! :) I'll be waiting for the rest.
5/29/2013 c4 Ominous Rain
Awww Jim :(
5/29/2013 c3 Ominous Rain
xD Bones had it well
5/28/2013 c2 Ominous Rain
xD So Spock got caught breaking the rules! It's a miracle!
5/28/2013 c1 Ominous Rain
xD I found this very hilarious! Good job and I love Victoria Secret :)
4/16/2013 c5 Talltree-san
Looks like it'll be a happy birthday for Jim after all ;) !
4/7/2013 c4 Talltree-san
Yes, part two please :) .
4/7/2013 c2 Guest
You need to change the word "slave" to "salve". Other than that, this is awesome.
4/7/2013 c2 Guest
'"An perfectly acute observation." Replies Spock, [...]. "But I was hoping you'd go deeper"'
McCoy looked closer at the body. She would have been drunk and choked on her own vomit except that there was no smell of alchohol on her. Drugs, perhaps, or poison? He shared his observations with the Consulting Hobgoblin who reported to Jim that the murder of the Yeoman who liked pink things was clearly killed by the same person who killed the others. It wasn't suicide, it was murder. They had a serial killer aboard.

Translation/tldr;/In short: looks like someone's a Sherlock fan.
11/27/2012 c3 Talltree-san
*Cackles uncontrollably* this chappie was so much fun to read! Poor Bones! At least he also got some lovin at the end of it! ;-)
10/16/2012 c2 27zeynel
*grins* I love this new part!

"shimmering body cream"? Hmm... Maybe for a mission, or a different culture.
10/13/2012 c1 Guest
Hahahahaha omg that's hilarious! I loved this part: "...hypoaesthesia (reduced sense of touch or sensation), hyperaesthesia, (increased sense of touch or sensation)..." lmao how did that even happen...? XD
10/12/2012 c2 Talltree-san
Oh I have a suggestion! How about a full body massage oil chappie :3! Sexy Spock and those hands of his are so decadent they should be illegal lol!
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