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for Trouble Coming

9/26/2012 c3 ILoveAnime89
Love it update again soon. .
9/25/2012 c3 Happy's Princess
Love it as always. Please update soon
9/25/2012 c3 1ozzysgirl
This has promise, don't let negative reviews put you off. Keep it up
9/24/2012 c3 1SilverAdvenger12
Aww so cute! I love juice! good chapter!
9/19/2012 c1 3SOAWWE
Well I personal really love it, it's interesting and I have the same name as the main girl haha :L and dw about what MakeNoExcuses said its good :)
9/5/2012 c1 DeepBlueNotes
Girl decides she wants a new start in life and ups and moves to Cali where car just so happens to break down and there's a Son around to help her. Hmmm...where have I heard that premise before? Oh yea, about over a hundred times on this site! Same contrived stuff just packaged differently

And Jax doesn't walk up to every chick and start hitting on them. I've never seen him do that on the show. These guys are guarded bikers and just don't assume anything. So far this story sounds cliche, forced and juvenile
9/4/2012 c2 ILoveAnime89
Love it update again soon.
9/4/2012 c2 Happy's Princess
I like it so far darlin. Update soon please
9/4/2012 c2 1SilverAdvenger12
Sounds good so far! Longer chapters would be great! Update soon!
9/4/2012 c2 5Voracious-Bitch
Its a good start, keep going
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