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for You Belong to Me

4/23/2020 c5 1Save the Date
Awww! I love this : D
4/23/2020 c4 Save the Date
Some like it *hot hot hot!*
4/23/2020 c3 Save the Date
I approve of Thane signing up for a lung transplant!
4/23/2020 c2 Save the Date
Oh no! To be honest, though, that would be a cool possibility in game for Thane to reject you if you didn’t do the right things leading up to it.
4/23/2020 c1 Save the Date
8/8/2017 c1 31xxxAriha
I'm impressed that you managed to capture the characters so well. Namely Thane whose very hard to write for. It was a cute story, though I will confess I did not finish it (got to chapter 4 to be fair). It doesn't change the fact that the premise is interesting and as I said, it is very cute. It feels very rushed however
10/13/2016 c5 Petrichora
Mmm, possessive Thane. Rowr.
1/30/2016 c1 26jediserenity82
I read this along time ago, and honestly thought I had commented on it. I used to be so bad at leaving comments _ This was one of the first Shrios fics I read and I loved it.
7/30/2015 c5 7MelShep
Such a great story! I romanced Thane in ME2, and was heartbroken at what they did to him in ME3. I knew he would probably die, but he had such little screen time, and the other members of the crew didn't even react to his death?! In the end I went back and romanced Garrus (best decision ever!), so it's not such a big deal now, but i really love what you did in your story! It brought back memories how how cool Thane was and reminded me why i liked him. Great writing!
9/29/2014 c5 chainline
I am so glad you saved Thane! To me, his death was the hardest. And even though we all knew he was going to die! Great sexy fan fiction!
1/19/2014 c5 Jeshu
3/5/2013 c5 7femegade
This was so hot! I hate Bioware for killing off Thane and not even having the decency to give him more screen time :(
Because of this I have no motivation to continue my Thane-romanced Shepard into ME3
3/5/2013 c4 femegade
Why didn't I find this story until now damnit!
Omgggg this chapter was so... XD
I looooove jealous and possessive Thane
1/16/2013 c5 dierdreaes
Not that I'm complaining,because I'm not, I found the story rather good and this chapter very well written compared to some others I have read, the explicit nature doesn't bother me but you should be aware that according to and the terms of agreement that you accepted this last scene is grounds to have your account suspended and your entire story deleated. While on fanfiction, think softcore rther then hardcore.
12/27/2012 c1 Dorkolicious
Lmao too funny. Matchmaking in the middle of a firefight.
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