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8/9/2013 c7 93Lordoftheghostking28
I...honestly can't remember reading a story as awesome as that! I loved the plot, the action...everything made sense! You just mixed up the forms of "your" and "you're" a few times!
Now onto Echo: The Awakening!
8/9/2013 c1 Lordoftheghostking28
Hmmmm...this looks promising! There was only one glaring error I found...it was in Sonic and Eggman's diaogue. You used 'your' instead or 'you're', I believe. But this was a great start! Whoo!
1/25/2013 c6 Guest
I think the story has a few flaws
1. Bolt is a bad and overall to powerful of a character
2. Is it me or did angel island fall twice
3. How did shadow automatically know how to defeat the red mountain
4 the "find a opening and destroy everything inside" was retarded and you should have made Titan sonic destroy it instead.
5 tails can fly so he would not have been affected by the falling angle island.
6 the term earth zombie is also dumb
11/29/2012 c7 HyperTomboi429
YEAAAAAAAAAAH THAT WAS BEYOND AWESOMENESS! So this is only the prolouge, correct? Then pretty please release the main story soon! Hurry; the curiosity's killin' me! D8
11/29/2012 c7 5TatlTails
Ohohohohoho! THAT... was an epic ending. SO CLIFFHANGERY! And chock full of Turbo Tails! That whole ending, though... Shadow's Chaos Rift, then the mist that blatantly states SEQUELOCITY! Gaaah, epic. And glad I could help. Best of luck with all your future stories!
11/26/2012 c6 Duskzilla
What the what? Oh bad place to land.
Nazo:I've had enough of Echo's trouble I'm going to help out.
Bro that isn't a good idea they think you're evil.
Nazo:Don't forget I can never really die I'll teleport there and then I'll show that Echo. *pulls out cyan emerald* Let's finish this. CHAOS CONTROL! *teleports himself to battle*
(If you don't know Nazo he's a mysterious pale-blue hedgehog who was the main villain of Nazo Unleashed and The Return Of Nazo and he's my adoptive brother. He'll be helpful to the storyline.)
11/1/2012 c6 TatlTails
That was actually really epic. The only thing I'd say you could improve is the fact you had a few spelling errors. Just a few. The plot, structure, characters, etc. were all good. A bit more OC-ness than I prefer, but they seem nessecary, and that's all that really matters.
10/1/2012 c1 1UltrawaveStudios
Wow... Chaos is one big spoiler podcast...
10/1/2012 c5 5TatlTails
Actually, Silver Sonic is from StH2(I'm almost completely sure). Titan Metal Sonic, you got me on. I was picturing Hyper Metal Sonic. Anyway, this was a bit short, juuust a bit, but glad to se you're not dead (3.
9/19/2012 c4 HyperTomboi429
Thank you a billion times! This was the best chapter so far!

And for future reference, Bolt is a GRAY hedgehog, not a white one. Just wanted to point that out. ;)
9/19/2012 c4 TatlTails
Nice job! I like. Expect something from me for your new story(once it comes out). Hi, HyperTomboi! Anyway, GG, Gnat1.
9/16/2012 c3 TatlTails
Dude, this. Is. Epic. Love the idea. My brain doesn't feel like coming up with the words to describe it, but I love it.
9/15/2012 c3 BlueDragonSpirit6
I love it!Please keep on writing!:D*Gives Random Burger*

9/14/2012 c3 10Werehog20
Wow this is quite a story you got going Gnat1! I'll be sure to keep an eye on it! :)
9/8/2012 c2 6ExotheBoss
I get it now! Cough cough cough. I hate being sick. Nice chapter!
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