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8/6/2017 c14 A-Prayer-4-da-Damned
Omg. Thank you soooooo sooooo much for updating! And we're able to see Niveus in here too I hope that both Noct and her be able to meet again :D Please continue to write more! You're awesome! Sorry I don't have anything to say to help you write your story though
8/2/2017 c14 DustyClouds
Words cannot explain how amazing your writing is. One of the best things I love about you is how you are still continuing with this project. It is far too easy to neglect something and never return to it, but that's not the case here. Aeternus Somnus is, by far, the best representation of what Final Fantasy Versus XIII could have been. You could add in more elements like religion, but really, I digress.

What hurts my heart is that if Noctis REALLY decides to save Osana's fal'Cie, he would cease to exist. Because when you change some part of the past, you change some part of the future. And that is a giant leap in logic.

Please write more Noctis/Niveus smut! Or fluff. Or anything, really. You really should write something for Final Fantasy XV. Us fans are thirsty for anything at thus point.

Thank you for taking your time with this chapter! Even if it's short, lol. Kupo! I just have one complaint.

8/1/2017 c14 suntan140
So happy you update that we could see niveus so very happy :D
3/28/2017 c12 3Savage Kill
Oh boy. This should be a shocker at most.

Update soon!
1/9/2017 c12 3Insaneauthor050701
please have som3 kind of retribution happen i mean it seems ike they get tortured so many times they just just dont even care
11/30/2016 c12 GunBunnyShift
I've waited... so long, man. I really did. I yearned to see the day where there would be an update. And behold, it happens! Before the big day! Heart attack can now commence! Wooh!

Oh course, since it's been a minute, I had to reread a bit before diving into the new chapter like I wanted. Now please... remember your readers exist and we tend to crave updates... please. Enjoy the game! I know I will!
4/24/2016 c10 GunBunnyShift
So, I've read the prior story, LC, then this one. I really really really became a big fan of the lore you've created, with little information coming from the game itself. But hey! The game is finally coming out this year! Update soon, please! I would really love to know own what's will happen next. Have me on the edge of my seat and whatnot. Haha. Love Niveus. So glad the romance aspect of it was so tone down that you'll have to squint to see it. If anything, you'll only think of them as close friends. Haha. No mushy love story in this one. Yay me. Update soon!
9/14/2015 c10 69AnimeWolfGirl16
Yay you're back! I just can't wait for the next chapter! So many interesting information that you're giving us readers. :) You might even finish this before the game comes out because so far we only know that the release date is going to be released in March. Quick question, have you played Final Fantasy Type-0 at all? Sorry for the random question not really related to the XV archive.
9/13/2015 c10 Liltorgy
EEEPPPPPP! UPDATE MAKES MY HAPPY! Oh no not a cliff hanger... Oh well you updated and at first I couldn't belive it but you did and then I read it and then I got really happy. :D
6/19/2015 c9 YourEyesTellLies
I'm dying here, the suspense, the cliffhanger! I do hope that I'm not the only one reading this in 2015, please say I'm not, I loved it's prequel, and I love this just as much, please don't turn this into a noctxStella, I think I'll die if you do, fanfiction has enough of those, and not enough original characters, NOCTXNIVEUS FOREVER!
12/9/2014 c9 Guest1995
What's with the halt in any more chapters being posted?, Please continue this story, I read the first one and it was amazing; please make this story just as, if not equally amazing! Please update!
2/26/2014 c9 Isabella
Plz don't make this Noctis/Stella. Make it Noctis/Niveus... pleeeeeeaase :3
2/24/2014 c9 8o0ForeverFantasy0o
Yes! I love updates and I love this story to death :3 I really missed this! It feels like it's been so long :) I'm glad you finished the new chapter! It's nice to see Prompto back xD I missed your portrayal of his character in this story. Everything's getting interesting with time travel now xD Very creative; I like where you're going with all this :) Keep it up! :D
1/10/2014 c3 6El Jaguar
I'm liking this a lot. While I did enjoy Lux Crystallis and Niveus, I do have a spot for Stella after watching an EngDub of their meeting regarding Etro and the Light.

Hopefully they get together?
10/22/2013 c8 842072
:D I am so happy you are continuing this story and adore Noctis/Niveus.

You destroyed my mood when she died ;.; Say it isn't so?
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