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1/21 c24 justjeff71
possibly the best story on Fan Fiction. Thank you for writing it. can't wait to see the changes to the Star Wars plot lines.
1/20 c24 kyoshi7111
great story.
1/16 c24 kurganxy
I have to say that this is one of my all-time favorite HP fics ever. I really hope it gets finished one day. Its so well written and thought out.
1/15 c24 1Dr Gero
This has been a really fun story! I really enjoy a good empire building story starting from the ground up and I've liked how you have prequel era events unfolding. Thank you for the time and effort you put into it.
1/9 c12 Guest
1/4 c24 suziq968
As glad as I am that your life is interesting I'm still hoping for a return to writing. You're really good and I look forward to more. Anakin being a prankster is just spectacular.
1/3 c21 suziq968
Reading this again and just needed to say thanks. So much fun.
1/3 c11 DerangedPirate
Harry is just getting shafted and doing very little/nothing against it.
It was Harry and hk-47 who defeated/killed the pirates of whom they got the ship from.
While he didn't exactly pay for the ship he did fight at the risk of his own well being.
Naboo on the other hand did nothing at all yet still claims the ship as their own.

Harry proceeds to accept that for reasons unknown to me, with his magic capability he could have simply told them to piss off and leave naboo with his ship. He does not do this and actually pays to get his own ship back. The people from naboo proceed to strip the ship from it's engine and weapons. What does our protagonist do after this absolute nonsense? He proceeds to bargain for his own ship parts. Unbelievable. Absolutely useless.

What happened to the wards that were supposed to keep uninvited people from his ship huh?
You know the very same wards that kept Jar-Jar from entering?
The same wards that were later mentioned when harry asked if aayla secura was on the ship because he invited all the slaves as a whole. The group of slaves that jar jar is not a part of yet jar jar still manages to be on the ship. This is all making zero sense.

Also how does he not check who is on his ship before lifting off, either through normal methods or magical. Simply asking HK-47 on the amount of lifeforms on his ship would make him aware they have unwanted passenger(s). It would also make him aware of the jedi padawan on his ship and thus the aayla would not be able to contact the jedi temple. So stupid.

All of this is making the story not enjoyable to read about at all whatsoever for me.
12/29/2020 c20 5monkeysrockdude
I find it kinda ironic that you included that whole section on not being a "nice guy" meanwhile you're having harry hold Shimi and Kalu'minari to a different standard than the rest of the crew
12/25/2020 c24 Re'Lar
I reread this story all the time. Thanks for your good work!
12/25/2020 c24 JJ
If the Nal Hutta campaign is a success (and it definitely will be) and if Harry then goes public about his anti-slavery efforts to get more people to join, I could even see a significant number of jedi being willing to join (as long as they can stay far away from him). There must be lots of jedi who are very unhappy about the Order not doing enough against slavery.
If certain particularly stupid jedi then do what I'd expect them to do, that could result in another jedi civil war.
12/24/2020 c24 Simyymis
A very enjoyable Story waiting for update
12/23/2020 c8 Ninjadragoncat
i can just imagine this ship getting boarded without him on board, they open the door right as he cancels the space expansion and its just chaos as tons of shit are just forced on to the invaders ship. they just panic as it never ends, it doesn't make sense to them their ship is so much bigger so why is it getting filled.
12/18/2020 c24 1jonh73
It's been more than a year and a half but this is still the best Star Wars/HP crossover I ever read. It would be awesome to see it continued, but I'm not holding my breath. Great work anyway
12/18/2020 c24 3BrightSkywalker
This story had my wife looking at me weirdly... I burst out laughing so many times she was worried about my sanity.

Truly an excellent story.

Part of me does wish for Harry to be a bit less of a dick... but at the same time, his behavior is not unexpected for someone with his trauma.

I do hope 2020 has not crapped on you and yours, and that maybe we, your fans, will get a Christmas present of a new chapter soon.

Either way, thank you for the wonderful story so far. Faved and followed.
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