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for The Havoc side of the Force

3/28 c24 qwertyuiop123214685
great story, please update!
3/16 c1 10mjhammer
Ironic that it has Anakin Skywalker in this. This first chapter is so much like Jumper.
3/11 c12 Guest
Has potential but you made Harry into a bitc* after the first couple of chapters. Wtf happens? Pushover Harry trash
3/8 c24 dbreezy93
3/5 c24 Guest
This is, hands down, my favorite HPxSW crossover. I really really really hope you come back to it
3/3 c24 dragon606
Very enjoyable story. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes.
3/2 c22 stacygrrl2002
Yeah, you'd think so. Gawd I love hk and the scenes and one liners he sets up! This tale has been awesome so far. I really like the way harry still has and uses his magic, and the effects it has on force users. Maybe he can figure a way for his protego shield to cause the sith to go into convulsions or have like an epilectic seizure when they try to use the force lightning on him. Then he could drop sideous down a reactor chute or something.
3/1 c7 stacygrrl2002
Great work so far. The establishment, Jedi or cop droids will eventually catch up with him to get their many questions asked. Probably won't get a lot of answers they like. As usual, Harry's been making friends all over.
2/20 c24 Guest
Man this was fic was so great. Wish it kept going
2/20 c24 SamonIllmantrim
Brilliant story, and fantastic fun!
2/16 c24 Dadycoool
This is just as much fun on a repeat viewing as it was the first time. Good luck calming your life back down.
1/30 c24 Chooser
Have you abandoned this story now? It's been nearly two and a half years now...
1/24 c24 nikhil.majumdar
Still an amazing story that I come back to read regularly. I hope life is treating you well and that it brings you back to writing this and other stories someday. If you need an editor to help that happen feel free to ask and I’ll lend a hand!
1/22 c1 Bronze
That Harry's no Robin Hood isn't much of a surprise. If he started handing out gold to families even more poor than the Weasleys used to be than he'd have everyone and their family asking where it came from! Besides, it'd only end up back in the hands of those he stole it from. But I especially like that he's robbed Gringotts three times without the Goblins learning who did it nor how it was done. That would not end well at all. Now I can see being the Master of Death as being very handy. However, with so many witches and wizards knowing it I can imagine how much of a pain that is! So many morons wanting the title but you can bet your ass they DON'T want the responsibility that goes with having the title! It's a damn good thing Good Ole Fumblemort never managed to unite all three Hallows! His meddling deeply hurt the magical world of Britain as it is! Give him the Power that comes with being the Master of Death and he'd see the magical world back before the Victorian age! Meaning they'd be following the Golden Rule. He who has the most gold makes the rules! And as the Purebloods had the most gold England would be in even worse shape than it is now!
1/17 c24 45whatanauthorsgottado
I just wanted to say that I take great delight in regularly returning to reread this fic. It's an excellent piece, and there are always things that catch my eye anew whenever I come back. I would love to see more of this, if you ever choose to return to writing it, but even if not, this fic will always rank among my top favourites.
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