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for The Havoc side of the Force

13h c24 fainfan
love your story
6/1 c23 Seanq
miss this story, this is the 3rd time reading it. I really want to know what fantastically crazy situations Harry and the Death Watch get into. Also the destruction of Jabba will hopefully be as cool as Gardulla's end.
5/19 c24 120dogbertcarroll
A great story that has excellent re-readability.
5/10 c1 Pathatlon
I doubt you will never update again, but this story has so much potential.
Could you write a chapter where you tell us where you wanted to the story to go? Like, for closure?

Thanks in advance.
5/1 c24 ACE-135
Please come back
4/19 c24 7ShaiGar
I miss this story.
4/13 c6 15Will X
my occasional "I hope this gets finished" review...
4/7 c24 2Sarek5959
Come on! This story is too good to let it die!
3/16 c24 keyzulu
A very nicely written funny story with the best character from SW, namely HK-47.

Harry wrecking havoc where ever he goes, and being just a scoundrel with a golden heart is just so much fun to follow

Damn I'm sad that the author doesn't write more of it.
3/4 c24 3The Guarding Dark
Why you no update funny words man? You make me the big sad.
2/28 c20 realfan16
goodbye shags got me TT_TT poor girl, got shagged as an afterthought. what a cruel author to have lol
2/28 c19 realfan16
oh the joys of being insanely lucky lol.
2/28 c18 realfan16
Well that was good. A real wizard's hidden base.
2/28 c17 realfan16
Well that was unexpected and a well thought counter from the black suns
2/22 c24 msanderlin
I imagine you have many posts asking for updates. Yes Please.

I enjoyed what you have done and would love to read more.

Thank you.
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