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1/9 c24 Books85
Ii really cannot complain about the lack of speed in updating this since I only discovered this novel yesterday. It has been enthralling and amusing by turns. Your writing skills have improved markedly while you were writing it too.

Considering the bad things that have happened in the world over the past two years, I hope that you and yours are well, even if you don't have time to update just now.

Thank you for writing and sharing this!
1/6 c24 Guest
I have been checking this to see if there has been an update pretty regularly for the last three years. So I stop bothering with it? You have such a good story started and I love your writing style so I keep holding out hope that you might pick this up again. I definitely understand how life changes and priorities shift. I hope you are doing well!
1/5 c16 2Fearful Porpentine
This is my first time encountering this story, and it's outstanding. One of the best fanfictions of all time. I hope you find the time to return to it someday.
1/4 c7 Sebine
Almost got his shit pushed in by a Maul
12/22/2021 c24 adammflatt
Would love to see more of this fantastic story. Hope you can continue it soon.
12/20/2021 c8 adammflatt
I love the idea that the main export of a planet sized city is literal crap. It is both hilarious and completely logical
12/20/2021 c24 JPax
I really hope this story isn’t abandoned. Please revisit and update when you can.
12/12/2021 c8 acoolguyy
Jesus…doing entirely different fics to split up the povs is absolutely atrocious…it’s impossible to keep track of what the fuck is even going on
12/11/2021 c24 nikhil.majumdar
I hope life gives you a chance to come back to this, although if you switched to original fiction to get paid for it I’d love to read that too!
12/5/2021 c24 DarkBan
Hope you're doing better than you were in your An in this chaapter, can't wait fot the next one!
This story is really entertaining, and HK never fails to AT LEAST make me chuckle xD
12/3/2021 c24 simonmountney
I've reread this and uts companion story again, and loved it again. Cant wait to see what happens with huttspace and potentially sith Mundi, and cloned Bellattix rituals, so many fun threads!
11/29/2021 c1 Guest
bro update dont abandon this nice story
11/21/2021 c24 Guest
Love this story. Most favorite on the entire site.
11/20/2021 c23 Emyat
just fckng slaughter the mandalorians
they have no reason to be there

I mean he can go invisible and just storm jabba
your just making this more complicated
11/20/2021 c24 Emyat
fckng kill Axl
I fckng hate him

pls. kill him
or just torture him with cruciatus curse
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