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for Losing Mei

12/31/2017 c1 Guest
It was 5 years ago, but still... I love it so much ️
9/15/2012 c1 16WickyLEE6
I love the way you capture D'Jok's feelings on the emotional level. This is probobly one out of two areas that he truly differs from his infamous father Sonny Blackbones. Where Sonny seems no stranger to admit to his feelings, it is all the harder for D'Jok. It kind of makes me think that maybe this is part of his heritage from his mother, a woman we know very little about. I wish they would have let out more on her in the series, because she is actually much more important than most think, to understand both D'Jok, and who he is, and the devestating crushed heart that seems to put an eternal blocking in the way for him to move on. And still, this drabble shows that D'Jok is indeed his fathers son. Cause my suspicion is that D'Jok's mother may well have been Sonny's first ever love, the one he lost. The difference lies in the fact that mei is still alive. and D'jok is able to communicate with her, he still stands a chance to win her back, Sonny is for all eternity robbed of that chance. I always compare father and son on such subjects, but that is because of the simillarities between them. In so many ways, they share the same story, except for the fact that whenever D'Jok stumbles, he has Sonny to turn to for advice, and perhaps the comforting words of a dedicated father, who truly wishes he could be there for his son, is enough to make D'Jok try to correct his mistakes? Make D'jok more humble and deflate the ego enough for him to actually make the changes that everyone else seems to have made? I truly wish for one or two episodes that would force Sonny and D'Jok to spend some time together, perhaps locked up in a prisoncell while waiting for the rescue? anywhere they could get a chance to really speak undisturbed. But then again, who knows what Technoid has planned? But I loved D'Jok's emotional side shining in this drabble. Perhaps you should write one on Mei too? one on how she really sees D'Jok and where she thinks he is in life?
9/15/2012 c1 20prdee
You wrote a drabblee! An actual drabble! So proud of you!

Even though I have no idea about anything in this fandom, this was a nice drabble. The message behind it is definitely true because you never know how much something/someone means to you until you lose them.

Keep writing! Don't be a loser like me!


9/8/2012 c1 DeletedAccount1357559
Nice drabble! I think you really captured how D'jok must have felt. What (to you) felt in character about how Sinedd/Mei was done in the series though? I'm genuinely curious as I (and many others) thought that it was OOC. But yeah, I liked your writing in this fic- I hope to maybe see some more GF stuff from you in the future.

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