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8/9/2021 c22 crea9587
As good as it is a shame and a pity to see it end on such a cliffhanger.

Either put it up for adoption, in my opinion, or end it with a modified chapter.

All your hard work and effort thus far should not be led to such a sour note.

Thanks again anyways.
8/3/2021 c4 Geek-God of Speed
Naruto already had the ability to fly in six path sage mode
7/23/2021 c6 Guest
Bro no disrespect but this Pacing is garbage
7/7/2021 c22 haley0shearin
Love this
7/5/2021 c15 CosmicSpire
First of all, spoilers. This fic is decent, but it is missing a few things. First, it lacks intensity, any intense conflicts are ended too soon without any build up, the tragedies in the story are either moved over too quickly or don't matter much to the reader because we're not shown how deep the bond between characters go. You allude to a fight with Orochimaru even though he is an overused villain who you are just powering up. It feels bland and unoriginal, though that might have been different at the time of writing. Another thing is Orochimaru sealing Parallax into himself to make himself stronger. Parallax is supposedly one of the most powerful beings in not just the universe, but the multiverse as well, which means that any fight between the two is doomed to be either illogical or completely one sided. The only way to go against that is for naruto to absorb or seal the power of the green latern inside himself as well is nothing. The problems Naruto has, while having decent time coverage and impact, feel again stale or boring. He's hurt by the war, nothing new, his loved one (sakura or hinata, in this case sakura) died, nothing new, the only interesting thing about this is that Sakura was just as horrible as she was in the show and Naruto still followed her like a lost puppy. Surprisingly, while I usually don't like it, you did a good job expressing it with how even after her death, Naruto felt anger towards her and himself for loving her though I believe that this point should have been more explored. The writing style is good, one of the only things that have kept me here this long, but the ideas don't match up. I think if I had to rate the story it'd be about a 7-8/10 for writing with a 5/10 for execution/ideas.
7/3/2021 c22 Guest
I dont know why you are all bitching about Naruto and that he is far better than cannon Naruto could be. Well grow up! It is called fanfiction for a reason. Also the boy has gone through a war and anyone with a brain knows that war changes a person in that case Naruto growing up, maturing and taking his training serious. Also with the shoddy teachers prior to Naruto getting the Green Lantern ring he has gotten instructors that actually give a damn that all of their trainees get the best training possible. Not to mention the one on one training he has gotten from one of the Guardians of Oa. And then he has three years of being an active Green Lantern under his belt, honing his skills and abilities along with his tactics and strategy. So of course he is for all intends and purposes much more experienced than anyone else of the Young Justice. Dont forget with his Shadow Clones that easily go into the thousands he could get training done in a day what many others would take weeks even months. Truthfully if you still want to update the story you should do it. It is your story and you fill never find that everyone is happy. But on the off-chance the story is on hiatus or discontinued a message or update would be nice as the story has been on ice for over two and half years now.
6/11/2021 c8 3Jordin-Pendragon
How dare you call this shoddy. My god, bruh. This is so good
5/20/2021 c1 Guest
Why does everyone like this fic so much, I lost interest when reading at first for four chapters, I read the reviews and decided to give it another go, but the fic couldn't keep my interest. It always portrays Naruto as an all good do goober, it's cringe and Naruto is always the hero who believes everything is his business and everyone seems to like him for some reason which is beyond abnormal. It all seems fake and everything, you forced the plot and left multiple plot holes just so the Naruto universe can be in the dc universe, and Naruto started calling his planet ajin for some reason which is completely out of character, Naruto won't even be able to spell let alone say it. The relationship between green arrow and black canary seems fake portraying green arrow as some green boy scout who black canary is dating for the fun of it.
5/14/2021 c22 Knightshade94
When are you going to update this story it's been years since it was last updated.
4/21/2021 c22 Guest
When is next update to this story
4/16/2021 c1 3UzumakiStyle
useless information is repeated over and over and over again its frustrating
4/16/2021 c1 UzumakiStyle
read first 2 chapters. why is naruto so bitchy ? so far he's nothing more than a simping whiny bitch
4/8/2021 c22 8kotei no seiryuu
Story is amazing as always, ready it 3 times this week. Hopefully you update and not get rusty like myself after 3 years.
3/2/2021 c18 Guest
18 capitulos, 18 capitulos me tomo darme cuánta de que no va a ver ni una mierda de romance en este fic, tiempo al pedo carajo!
2/28/2021 c22 Prime138
So...when are you going to update chapter 20
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