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10/10/2012 c5 foxeatfox
I wonder if Naruto's chakra can power the ring?
10/10/2012 c4 1charger2040
Cool but please for love of God, no trench coats. Almost every fanfic I have read, Naruto ends wearing one. Its played out.
10/9/2012 c3 Blackholelord
Can't wait to see what will happen. So Naruto will be joining on the Young Justice team?
10/9/2012 c4 crazymexican
How about just giving Diane and WW only pairing
Good chapter!
10/9/2012 c4 Sage-Of-Pure-Rage
Oh I liking this more and more I really hope I see another chapter soon
10/9/2012 c4 87sageof6way
Nice story
9/26/2012 c3 11chm01
interesting start, but I dont see how are you going to pair him with canary if he is what? sixteen years old? she is at the very least in her mid 20's and Im pretty sure she is not into craddle robbing, if the episode where megan transformed as dinah kissed connor, that being said I like the way his started and I look foward to the next chapter
9/11/2012 c3 Guest
supert history
9/10/2012 c2 Somedude
Well this is an interesting take on this type of xover. I'm interested to see how Naruto handles leaving his planet & saving the universe. I'm also interested to see what other organizations Naruto joins. The only thing I'm disappointed in was I was hoping for a Naruto/Hawkgirl pairing, but you can't everything you want so I still enjoy it.
9/12/2012 c3 BioHazard82
Great start to your story. Please update soon, and often!
9/12/2012 c2 BioHazard82
Interesting start.
9/11/2012 c1 LinMing2019
Seems like you have a good idea for a new Naruto story, also for the pairing if you are still undecided about who to put with Naruto then i implore you to pair Naruto up with Wonder Woman since she is pretty much the most bad ass female in the DC please make this a Naruto/Wonder Woman story...
9/11/2012 c3 15alchemists19
Am interesting idea that has me wanting more
9/7/2012 c2 MesoJoe
I admit...not bad. The chapter size of the true first chapter was okay enough, though that 2 chapters 2000 words thing almost put me off from it because of the probable chapter size. Glad I didn't, it has potential (and fairly good grammar, the only miss spellings I saw were one or two in the EXTRA strange words like Ajnin/Ajinin). I'll keep an eye out for updates on this. If you update rather frequently (an acceptable worst would be a week at most for this chapter size, maybe longer if you have a larger typical chapter size) it will be a new favorite of mine.
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