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4/11/2023 c24 Guest
Please continue to do your best to make more chapters and don’t give up on yourself on this project and do not listen to to bad post reviews and you I greatly imagine
3/27/2023 c1 Guest
I'm sorry, but I'm dropping the story as soon as the third chapter. Naruto has been character assassinated for me due to his "love for Sakura". Personally, I'm not too fond of it when people use Naruto's nature and try to change him into some random person that isn't Naruto. It would be different if the story over time changed him but right off the bat, Naruto straight up denies his reason to become Hokage initially for Sakura. Sorry, but this story isn't for me.
3/17/2023 c11 Tomahawk5763
2/12/2023 c24 SonOfEros00
1/31/2023 c22 1MrPlatinum07
I think you're embellishing Batman's paranoia a bit too much, something I've always seen in Naruto/Young Justice crossovers a lot
1/18/2023 c24 Clonebustering
Continue next chapter
1/12/2023 c24 kageknuser2710
This has been an amazing read, I really hope the author comes back at some point.
1/12/2023 c23 kageknuser2710
Though, giving Faust to Adam... Might actually be much better. Nice touch!
1/12/2023 c23 kageknuser2710
I am so incredibly mad he didn't let Isis kill him off. Fucking bullshit.
1/8/2023 c24 Kuwabara
Keep going! Don't stop. You got this!
1/3/2023 c24 Guest
Chapter 25 man
1/1/2023 c24 Guest
Next chapter man come on
12/30/2022 c8 Kaozw456
Man said he wasn’t happy with the chapter and I’m out here tearing up
11/30/2022 c24 sebastian
hola queria darte mi reseña
quisiera que siguieras con este fanfic
para poder disfrutar esta historia ojala me oigas yo creo que no pero bueno nada se pierde haciendo esto
11/12/2022 c24 Guest
This is really good, I hope to see it continue some day. :)
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