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11/11/2022 c12 Guest
Dude thanks for the merlin recommendation. I am always so happy to see a good Mergana fic. Also this is a very fun read. Good job :)
10/29/2022 c24 Lucifer-Satani
Aww man, I was really into this story. You've really made this interesting and have done some great things with both Naruto and the Young Justice world.

I hope you come back to update, I really do.
9/26/2022 c5 Asianman14
Eh Naruto already knew Kakashi knew his parents by the pain arc. So not really sure why he freaking out. Guess ya just didn’t watch the anime recently, and forgot about some plot points. Not that big of a deal just small details that punches holes into the Naruto world.
9/26/2022 c4 Asianman14
Eh Naruto can already fly so I don’t see why he would be confused on how to fly. I guess you just haven’t watched the show in a long time and forgot about that.
9/19/2022 c1 lRayzerl
Do you need more 10 years until you start the pairing? Pft... and at this point forget about Canary go for someone else
9/10/2022 c24 5Onyxkiba
duuuudee, keep it up please! this story is AMAZING and was one of the ones to inspire me to write!
9/1/2022 c23 Guest
Por qué no a continuado el fic,?
8/11/2022 c16 majikss
incredibly Boeing you shoe horned giving non shinobi characters chakra networks
8/11/2022 c14 majikss
orochimara doesn't not know about naruto being a reincarnation of asura otsutsuki
8/11/2022 c12 majikss
naruto knowing Clark's identity is also really boring and you did that just to make him look cool
8/11/2022 c10 majikss
you need more paragraphs this is hard to read
7/29/2022 c24 Tiberius Ogdivan II
please update man I'm dying
7/20/2022 c11 GreatPretendFiend
bruh, it took me a full 11 chapters to realize Ajnin in ninja backwards, fuck me
6/28/2022 c24 foxblade4273
I like this story quite a bit. I shall wait patiently for the next chapter.
6/16/2022 c24 SuperReader3000
This was a delight. I look forward to when you’re able to come back and see Where are you are able to take this in the future!
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