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2/11 c13 Sssssy
Well, 'I'm not original: another story which i like!

Jane en escroc: ça lui va comme un gant!
Une vie immorale depuis l'événement qui bouscula sa vie...

Lisbon droite, une valeur sûre de stabilité et d'apaisement pour l'esprit, un caractère fort et doux et tout ça bien caché dans un corps de rêve... Un Jane qui ne peut que succomber !
J'ai vraiment adoré lire ses chapitres, jonglé entre les différents points de vu, sur fond d'enquête... On voit leur relation évoluée sur 4 mois environ et une belle histoire d'amour avoué qui commence avec évidemment une routine qui ne s'installera pas vraiment dans ce couple.. Jane se chargera de faire des siennes!

Juste j'ai vraiment aimé le baiser à la pêche :) puis le I love you de Lisbon... Enfin comment jane lui a fait avouer!... Et la team qui observe Lisbon et Jane (ça m'a fait rire!)

À très bientôt pour la suite de tes autres fictions
2/10 c13 guest
Dear Donna,
It has been ages since I read this story...I had forgotten just how much I loved this one, and in particular how deliciously "Naughty" it is. There's a reason I have two boxes of your stories out in my Reading porch; you never disappoint, even when one is ReReading! You [3] R ['s] the best. Yes, please interpret the shameless encouragement with regard to one of your latest. (Also, please accept my apology that my little double referent did not turn out to be nearly as clever as it sounded in my head, when I thought to go online just so I could leave this review with the story for which it was intended.) Hugs always, unsecured J p.s., I did a spit-take all over my poor cat when I read the line about the job-in-hand. I had completely forgotten that one! You, my dear, are the reason someone had to come up with "LMAOROTF". (My cat was not, but he's eating his too-expensive apology food now.) Meanwhile, I'm eating up things like 3 Rs, which I might like for similar reasons to my enjoyment of TOTP. For the love of God, people, these two characters are attracted to each other. WTF can't we enjoy just seeing THAT dance play itself over a period of time? Don't they deserve to be happy and, well, get some from each other? Watching each trying to get the other to say so first or wear the other down first would be quite interesting. There's enough unending frustration in real life...Oops, sorry, you write so well, I forgot I was probably preaching to the choir rather than asking the folks writing the canon to just give us a wonderful season of the dance. We've done socks...how about some leg-warmers? I think watching these characters move towards one-another would make for great television. You certainly demonstrate that it makes for very engaging story-telling. (Even without the sexy-times. [no, pls don't stop, my point is just that the dance with acknowledged partners can be quite interesting] Thanks for making my break times pass much, much too fast.
1/4 c13 39Ebony10
This was a fantastic read! Well done keeping them in character even with changes to the canon storyline. Quite enjoyed it.
1/4 c4 Ebony10
Getting even more interesting! And Jane is becoming less smarmily annoying.
1/4 c1 Ebony10
Ew, Jane is so smarmy.

Lol, love Cho so much; you have him spot on. And Lisbon is amazing!
4/13/2013 c13 16I Dream of Scotty
Really enjoyed this story. So glad there was a happy ending for Jane and Lisbon. :-)
3/13/2013 c3 sweetlovebird1
Great chapter! Wonderfully written! I love the their battle for dominance! And the (first - LOL) kiss scene with the sun and the trees and the half-eaten peach...blissful! I loved the Eve in the Garden parallel! I'm sensing some serious fluff here!:-)
3/13/2013 c1 sweetlovebird1
Womanizer Patrick Jane is being tamed by Teresa Lisbon... hmmm, delicious! Great furst chap!
3/8/2013 c13 Entwife
Terrific story! Loved it, made me smile.
1/25/2013 c13 chokulit
i have decided now that i am a fanfic fan that i will only read stories that are "complete" since i can't wait for the next chapter. it's great that you have a lot of completed stories. i've read "taming of the psychic," "red haze" and "red lace" and i would like to tell you that i enjoyed them all. i appreciate how you can come up with different angles on how jane and lisbon's romance developed. thanks and keep up the good work.
1/21/2013 c13 12Giulietta Marescotti
Wow! That sure was something. I remember reading the first few chapters, but not all of them until now. Anyways, LOVE IT!
1/21/2013 c13 fan
thanks a lot for writing and sharing this story :)
1/7/2013 c13 chokulit
thank you for this story, i enjoyed reading it and i am looking forward to more. keep up the good work.
12/27/2012 c13 1fbiwoman223
I am LOVING your stories! I have spent the entire evening reading when I should have been doing housework! Can't say that I am regretting it, though. I cannot wait to read the rest of your collection-you are amazing! :)
12/20/2012 c13 17DarkStrider
Awesome. I love this!
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