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for The Mentalist: The Taming of the Psychic

10/17/2017 c1 Ro0w'z
Es bastante lógico que sí la familia de Jane no hubiera muerto, el no la conservaria mucho tiempo por algún motivo u otro
9/2/2017 c13 2Tativi
This is your naughtiest Jane, at least amongst all those fics of yours I've read, and amongst all Jisbon fics I've read. :-) He made me smile a lot, but I also wanted to kick his balls practically in every chapter and I'd have liked Teresa to give him a little more of a taste of his own medicine, but well, Teresa has a lot of room for forgiveness (much more than me, of that I'm very sure :-D) and I suppose that Jane is so irresistible that it's imposible not to forgive him. :-)
8/17/2017 c3 3Geheim
Well... respect. You got me to chapter 3 before you dropped the ball. Most authors can't even hold me for one.
Few things in chapters 1 and 2 that were questionable but that rescue seen was just over the top.
Jane breaking the door? Do you even watch the show or did you just automatically fulfill gender stereotypes? Lisbon crying "unabatedly"? Seriously? Like... really? C'mon man. Just no.
9/17/2016 c13 1Munkeyfump20
That was great I know I am a late reader but I had a very good read. Thank you
7/15/2016 c13 zats
Read the whole story and loved how you portrayed them with out Red John. Patrick from the con man angle,
6/11/2015 c13 4bloodamber
Great story! :) Really enjoyed reading it!
5/24/2015 c13 2FranckyDB
Only one word, EXCELLENT !


4/15/2015 c13 30LouiseKurylo
Had to re-read the story to be sure. Yes, just as good as I recalled. Love the double entendres, the well turned phrases. The only thing that would be better would be more stories. Thanks for writing this one.
4/15/2015 c4 LouiseKurylo
Luscious chapter. Jane played Lisbon perfectly in his discussion about "compensation." The stake out was ... interesting. Invigorating, even. (LOL re. job-at-hand.) BTW, I'm re-reading this after a few years and find it just as good as the first time, series Jisbon not withstanding. Thanks for writing it.
3/15/2015 c13 13uiytrcgvhbvyi
I thought the title of this sounded familiar. Now I know why. 'The Taming of the Shrew'
2/10/2015 c13 rcfan77
Another very good story! :)
2/10/2015 c12 rcfan77
only one more chapter? :(
2/10/2015 c11 rcfan77
LIked it very much! :)
2/10/2015 c10 rcfan77
aaaargh...i fear the next intimate scene is disturbed...in the next chapter... :)
2/10/2015 c9 rcfan77
i truly hope they can reconcile, as hard as it may be
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