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10/12/2013 c25 31IceMageNinjaTalia
I hope u update this! I wanna see the wedding! DX
9/18/2013 c24 9The.Black.Star2.0
I did
9/17/2013 c2 dianaloveanime
awesome chapter
8/24/2013 c23 The.Black.Star2.0
8/10/2013 c22 Fairytailsfanshelly
Can't wait till this is finished! I really wanna know the ending...
8/9/2013 c22 The.Black.Star2.0
THat was a funny chapter. Never mess with Erza's cake. NEVER
7/31/2013 c21 14Lucy Ashley from Fairy Tail
I know right?! Liittle erza is adorable!
7/28/2013 c21 1Never again 10
Awesome chapter and totally they are sooo cute
7/18/2013 c19 Guest
Awwwww like a family gahh Im in fangirl mode with the ending of this chappy beauitful
7/19/2013 c20 6ThornsandRoses12
omgggggggg. i know sting is just adorable
7/19/2013 c20 14Lucy Ashley from Fairy Tail
7/19/2013 c20 9The.Black.Star2.0
7/19/2013 c20 3byakunom
Whoa whoa whoa WHOA. HOLD UP. Sting is the guild master of Sabertooth? Really? ((Plot twist))
7/18/2013 c19 9The.Black.Star2.0
Noooo! Don't end it here. UPDATE PLEASE!
7/13/2013 c19 FreakyDoom
I love it! I have read like all of your stories and I was wondering, will you be updating "Saving Avalon" anytime soon?
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