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for Dark Phoenix of Konoha

5/10 c17 fictionfanx
top naruto fic so far read. really good. easily in top 5.
5/2 c47 samanthasherman78
love the story
4/10 c47 3hiddensparrow
The first 5 or 10 chapters are a bit difficult to get through because they have a tendency to info dumping instead of natural speech and the characters don't really have developed personalities or emotional range and reactions. There is a lot of telling the reader what's happening instead of showing them through action or story development. I do have to compliments you and say that your writings improves quite a bit after that. They still are a bit stilted but that makes sense in your more militaristic interpretation of Konaha.

I really liked your interpretation and development of team 7. They didn't become friends and they didn't have to, yet they were still an effective team. A lot of stories seem to forget that there something in between best friends and enemies, good job on that. Sasuke wasn't irredeemable. He was addressed and well developed without being a main focus of then narrative which was refreshing.

Originally your concept was enough for me to continue reading, regardless of the rather goofy codename, but in the end you're execution improved quite a bit which improved the overall experience. I enjoyed reading this and I work forward to reading more when you have the leisure to write.
4/4 c47 Troublesome Sage
Loved the story although im sad to see that it is probably abonded. Would love an Update. Hope yall are doing fine out there. (Sorry for spelling to lazy to check) :)
3/24 c10 That1RainyDay
They speak as if they’re talking to us and not talking to another ninja that should already know most of this info. It makes reading it kind of awkward.
3/16 c47 papercut335
I really liked the work. However, it is obvious that there will be no continuation. Sorry(((
3/12 c47 emiya unlimited blade works
This is a great story! I would really love to see this story updated because it is awesome!
3/9 c1 Vonta01
Please update
2/19 c4 Bruh
Its getting kinda ass from chapter 3 like my guy you revealed too much about naruto
2/20 c47 Waterwave123
I hope you will continue this story!
I really like your Naruto being so badass!
2/9 c37 Guest
I get that it's humor... but why is Lee and Gai's genjutsu so awful? I mean, what is wrong with a sunset? XD

Anyway, this too was a great chapter! Well done!
2/9 c32 Guest
Kinda wished that Naruto would've talked to Tobirama. But ey, glad Gaara lives and it was a great chapter!
1/12 c47 laskarpelang666
Well, the story has been a blast, I like their are some arcs in the story, and I like how make there is the civilian Council, cause why don't Naruto stay in an Orphanage. I've been reading this till the end, but it is last updated since 2018 so How you been doing, cause Hiatus makes me panic about the creators. Well I hope you have a good day.
1/11 c33 Yami Fenikkusu
So does Tsunade know that Naruto and Her are somewhat related. Cuz I think around chapter 1 or 2 you said Tobirama daughter married the Namikaze Clan Heir and gave birth to Minato and ya know Tobirama is related to Tsunade.
1/11 c32 Yami Fenikkusu
These chapters are getting shorter and shorter by every chapter.
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