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for Dark Phoenix of Konoha

5/10 c2 Defiant7
this chapters is cringy. let me reveal everything I kept secret for so long
4/14 c47 Crazypersonreading2
This is a cool story.
4/13 c20 Crazypersonreading2
I love how Sasuke keeps saying he’ll catch up to Naruto. Dude... good luck
3/29 c3 Guest
God, please tell me they don't call him "Dark Phoenix", the whole fucking story, that's just cringe as hell
3/26 c47 6my 2 guys
that was great keep the chapters coming
3/21 c21 Guest
I know sasuke doesn’t know this about kakashi. Kakashi was treated like a son by kushina and minato so the likely chance is kakashi sees naruto as an otouto who he wishes to protect when naruto was younger and nurture to whatever degree he could legally get away with. Now older naruto kakashi will want to shield naruto as much as possible by training naruto and keeping his identity from the public as possible.
3/21 c16 Guest
Honestly I always saw it like naruto is adopted kakashi for the obvious reasons like naruto is kakashi’s adopted otouto and kakashi was S ranked shinbi, etc. Uchiha sasuke can be adopted Umino iruka. Iruka at least had a years of teaching sasuke before the Uchiha Massacre and doesn’t treat sasuke like he is anything special. Sasuke would least trust iruka after having him for a chunin sensei for a year before the Uchiha Massacre. The two background is very similar. Iruka would have empathy for sasuke in way others would not. Because iruka has never been rejected like naruto( kyuubi gaki) and kakashi(kakashi’s otousan, friend killer kakashi, cold blooded kakashi, etc) would have people who would help iruka and sasuke if anything happened like kidnapping. Very few people would help kakashi and naruto except some high level ninja who are friends with kakashi, in the know(parents, naruto’s heritage, and naruto is a scroll), and don’t even care about kurama.
3/21 c10 Guest
The reason hinata has such problems is hinata doesn’t want to be ninja. If left alone, hinata would be a chef. Hinata also carry the guilt of Neji’s Otousan’s death on her shoulders. Even though most likely she was one year and some months old when she was kidnapped by Kumo. If she was able to defend herself, her uncle wouldn’t have to die in her otousama’s place. And at the same time, she is traumatized by what happened which in hinata’s mind makes her not want to be a ninja. To hinata, ninjas causes pain, suffering, and death. Plus it is hyuuga clan tradition that every hyuuga becomes ninja. There are no exceptions to the rule. That is why hinata fights for himawari to let her walk her own path because hinata couldn’t fight for herself. Himawari is civilian.
3/20 c4 Guest
I am not surprised naruto doesn’t get hinata. Naruto lacks socialization. Or it would be obvious that hinata has a crush on naruto. But naruto lack socializing with people plus trust naruto isn’t going to recognize certain body language and facial language and emotional chakra language for his sensor ability and vocal tones and volume of a voice. Had he been raised by someone it would be different because he could ask questions and get answers. Plus be socialized.
3/20 c2 Guest
Come on hiruzen is hokage, and he isn’t a Baka. He knows danzo was the one using root to spreads naruto’s container status while telling the public naruto is kyuubi. I know hiruzen can’t prove danzo did it, but he knows danzo did it. Danzo wants naruto as a weapon he controls. Danzo hasn’t hidden that from hiruzen at all.
3/20 c2 Guest
Kage bunshin no jutsu is A ranked jutsu. Tajuu kage bunshin no jutsu is A ranked kinjutsu. Kage bunshin refers to making one kage bunshin. Tajuu kage bushin refers to making 2 or more kage bunshin. Special jonin and up have large enough chakra reservoir to make a bunshin and maybe more. Chunin and down can’t make bunshin because their small chakra reservoir, and if they try to make one bunshin, they end up with chakra exhaustion or die. Kage bunshin is an advanced bunshin. Naruto is the exception to the rule because his chakra reservoir is huge so he can do tajuu kage bunshin without felling anything.
3/9 c47 Dark shadow
Your story is great and please bring the new chapter plzzzzz
3/6 c10 Guest
Now THIS is how he should have taught them!
3/5 c47 iamshinydragonmist
really hope you continue this I've really enjoyed it as I've your other works
3/1 c11 Aedwards179
i get him wanting a cape like Minato, but he's too small for it imo. a 12 year old Naruto with a Minato cape would look ridiculous.
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