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for Naruto Guardian Of The Mist

10/7/2017 c9 JimJab
I love your story so far. It is great. I hope you keep up the good work and update soon. I cannot wait to read the next chapter.
9/16/2017 c9 6my 2 guys
that was good keep the chapters coming
9/3/2017 c1 ThePhenoix11
No you don't own that idea.
9/2/2017 c9 my 2 guys
that was good keep the chapters coming
8/26/2017 c6 9sd74
Like this chapter sometimes it just happen and shouldn't worry too much of the harem.
8/26/2017 c4 sd74
Forgot to include hyperactive.
8/26/2017 c1 sd74
The last line almost made me think that it was danzo who said or thought about it.
8/24/2017 c9 shadowwolf2345
It's pretty good so far I really hope to see more of this soon.
7/14/2017 c9 Kurai.ningen
Great cheater man! But could you please update (or whenever you finish with your first story) its been almost 3 months already :'(
Also i don't know if you could add some lemon in this story...and if you can it will be great so keep up with the great work man;D
7/14/2017 c8 Kurai.ningen this chapter sure as hell was great!
7/13/2017 c7 Kurai.ningen
Cool chapter and all but why naruto and mei haven't talked yet :'/
7/13/2017 c6 Kurai.ningen
I really liked the fight :))))
Great chapter man ;D
7/13/2017 c5 Kurai.ningen
Great chapter ;D
7/13/2017 c4 Kurai.ningen
Good chapter :)
7/13/2017 c3 Kurai.ningen
Great chapter but it was rushedra little bit :')
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