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for Naruto Guardian Of The Mist

4/26/2017 c3 Banjo the Fox
Well done chapter, though I detest the amount of overdone cliche' in this read it was still enjoyable.
4/26/2017 c9 SPark681
Nice chapter gotta admit things are getting good wonder what's next anyways keep up the great work!
4/26/2017 c9 33Imperial-samaB
Nicely done and happy birthday
4/26/2017 c9 thor94
good chapter, so naruto tell what he learnt to mei and will enter chunin exam.
the end was also interesting.
hope next chapter will come soon and not at your next birthday.
4/26/2017 c9 BlackDragonShinigami
omg i am so hyped up right now i cant believe this omjncslkvasfvhbfvei! also i like the thought of naruto is op but he was ignorant, leading to yagura beating him, and omfg narumeiyuri, i can dig it
4/26/2017 c3 1dragonfighter11
That's a ridiculously OOC change in personality. He basically did a complete personality change in like, what, 1 day or so? That's hard to justify, even if he 'can't see his friends' lol
4/26/2017 c2 Banjo the Fox
Well done chapter, though extremely cliche', especially with the final line of the chapter.
4/26/2017 c9 1firetemplar415
That epeen, measuring contest in the end...
4/26/2017 c1 Banjo the Fox
Excellently done first chapter, enjoyable read.
4/26/2017 c9 Lazymanjones96
Interesting stuff
4/26/2017 c9 ladygoddess8
I cannot wait for the beat down Sasuke is going to get.
4/26/2017 c9 2te.nellis
Lol okay. Keep it up!
4/26/2017 c9 KamiKageRyuuketsu
way to short of a chapter honestly this is why i really hate/dislike authors who make over a hundred or a thousand stories its because you all cant even focus on the ones you first started and slowly forget about them. delete some and focus on others.
4/26/2017 c9 MIKE202303
That was good keep the chapters coming
4/26/2017 c1 10Wolf Strife
As soon as I saw harem, I lost interest
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