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9/9/2012 c1 Hwyla
A new idea! I like this scenario! It would be good for Snape to get some closure, which never can happen in canon.

I do wonder what THIS Harry is like. He cannot possibly be like canon Harry. I wonder if James has spoiled him as he himself was spoiled. If so, then Snape might have more legitimate reasons to dislike him. With Harry being raised by his parents ALL the dynamics would be changed between him and Snape. With Lily as his mother, he would probably know the answers to Snape's first-day questions. Harry also isn't a celebrity. I'm not convinced Snape would have disliked him from the first.

But IF Harry is more like James than Lily...not just in his recklessness, but also more arrogant, then Snape WOULD have trouble with him. IS Harry going around hexing Snape's Slytherin charges? After all, if Lily accepted the idea that all Slytherins were 'evil', then she would not likely have curbed that opinion in James.

Lots to think upon!
9/9/2012 c1 4TheUndefeatable
It was very interesting! Update soon...

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