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for Dino Thunder Return of the Dragon

6/12/2014 c37 GoldDragonNinja
what will happen next?
6/1/2014 c36 GoldDragonNinja
I loved it.
3/12/2014 c35 david.teague.3950
Shit this means I'll definitely have to take care of my story pages simply because I've got too man different accounts and half of them I nether remember the names, passwords, or accounts.
1/26/2014 c34 4mrhawkprime
im goussing you are going to link the clone to that
1/19/2014 c34 GoldDragonNinja
Who's Emily Oliver
12/10/2013 c33 Aslan Leon
ok i just found this tory today and have read it all until nwo this is overly amazing you are doing an outstanding job. as far as help goes i think jason should go back once things are back to normal and then have him return maybe for the final fight against mesagog.
12/7/2013 c33 Saints row fanitic
This is an awesome story. I think having Justin back as a ranger is great. Keep up the awesome work.
12/4/2013 c33 david.teague.3950
Keep him in reef side for a little bit this way he can get to know Trent and have time to talk with Andrea as well.
12/3/2013 c33 7Taeniaea
cool chapter I vote Jason stay in reefside
12/3/2013 c33 GoldDragonNinja
Have Jason stay ok?

I have a challenge fic.

Want to see?
10/19/2013 c5 13Iceranger32
Hey really liking this story so far pretty good will be reading more here soon.
10/18/2013 c32 windom929
very nice work with my zords bro :) an i think jason sould stay
10/18/2013 c32 david.teague.3950
You do realize how creepy you made the Dragonzord sound with the "But Tommy forgot me and I was his first" comment right? Admittedly as creepy as it sounded in my head that's only for those who have their minds in the gutter guess that includes me. 1 old model monster down 4 to go, soon to be 3. Although I still say it sounds better when you say some of their original power up phrases like Jason's gold ranger form which was Zeo Ranger six: Gold. Though to be honest that is merely gold highlights while he's mostly black.
10/17/2013 c32 GoldDragonNinja


I have a challenge fic idea.

Want to see?
9/26/2013 c31 GoldDragonNinja
Nice chapter.

I have a idea.

Want to see?

Also I have a challenge fic idea.

Want to see?
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