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for Dino Thunder Return of the Dragon

10/14/2012 c8 10ShadowLord1329
Good chapter you should have a fighting spirit thing for justin have him face his past fighting his turbo self to rid himself of the doubt that he has about his parents death and i think i know who is the purple ranger is but i wont say
10/7/2012 c7 ShadowLord1329
I cant wait to see how justin will change when the meteor hits reefside changing the rangers personality
10/5/2012 c5 ShadowLord1329
thats easy its the mmpr team members zeo and turbo (original) jason lee scott(mmpr) trini kwan(mmpr) billy cranston (mmpr) kimberly hart (mmpr) zack taylor(mmpr) tommy oliver(mmpr zeo turbo) rocky desantos (mmpr zeo) adam park (mmpr zeo turbo) aisha cambell (mmpr) kat hillard(mmpr zeo) tanya sloan (turbo and zeo) and justin stewart (turbo)
9/26/2012 c5 1Pandaranger
Original ranger initials :) great story
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