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12/26/2020 c1 GezeichneteSeelen
I love it , its great :D
Poor overworked Jinzo gives Gaara the first chance to prove himself to people and I love how Gaara gets this "dull human Moment" to help him endear himself and become Kazekage instead of "just" being the strongest in Suna
2/21/2017 c1 Nobody Smurf
I suppose there are advantages to never sleeping.
5/6/2016 c1 14The Real Chys Lattes
Hm, I heard that Suna had fewer ninjas but were better trained or something like that. It would make sense to be constantly short handed in this case, especially considering the circumstances after they got duped into the exams raid.

I like this fic, and it's pretty believable, too. XD
4/24/2016 c1 Ducky the Insomniac Panda
This is really actually very sweet and realistic, I love it. Totally head-cannoning this now!
4/9/2013 c1 A Midsummer
Ahahaha! So that's how Gaara managed to go up and take his father's position so fast. He is efficient in paperwork and the bonus to contain Shukaku probably agreed to his favor.
10/14/2012 c1 27Purestrongpoem
Great story. Jinzo is happy with Gaara helping with his work.
9/11/2012 c1 28KendrixTermina
funny, yet cute at the same time. I always figured that Gaara would be the hardly-leaves-jis-office-kind of workaholic.

It's also nice how you squeezed in some proper character moments into all the humorous stuff, like Gaara reflecting on being needed and ultimately getting treated like any other co-worker.

Very poor Jinzo. I really really hope he got a vacation once the next Kazekage was decided on. XD
9/10/2012 c1 2VampireDoll666
Jinzo was so overworked, but thanks to Gaara he was able to get a lot done. *grins* And now we know the TRUE person who helped Gaara become Kazekage, Jinzo! *laughs*

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