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for Harry Potter and the Power of the Dark Side

6/13 c5 Gojo Sage Satoru
if you read this review don't bother reading this story it went from bad to trash
5/28 c5 Dissapointed
Here we go... I was wondering when will the author do something as stupid as scalling Harry's abilities down to fit the wizarding world.

He and his lightsaber were defeated by a troll...

Sigh, honestly, his master should just kill him if this is a performance he gives.

So much boasting and in the end, one troll is all to finish him off? Despite him using a weapon that SHOULD be capable of cutting almost anything? Errr, sure, mate. Whatever shit lays in your head.
4/27 c6 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
4/27 c5 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
4/27 c2 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
At last! Destiny shall soon be at hand!
4/27 c1 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Not even magical wards are a match for the pure power of the Dark Side of the Force!
4/20 c6 Guest
Too much juvenile power tripping going on here. What a waste of a name like Darth Millennial.
4/20 c4 Guest
This is kinda wanky and not nearly as entertaining as a story with a dude named Darth Millennial in it ought to be.
4/20 c3 Guest
I suppose you like Star Wars better than Harry Potter, author? Just make sure Darth Harry doesn't just steamroll over eveything and end up with a boring powertrip story.
4/20 c1 Guest
I clicked on this SOLELY because it says Darth Millenial on the summary. That was a very good idea, author. Hope whatever's in the story can live up to a name like that.
4/16 c54 Actual SW Fan
Love the fic. I wish all the other commenters would realize Darth Millenial is an actual Sith in the better canon. Apprentice to the Apprentice of the Apprentice to Darth Bane.
3/10 c7 PersonLatinoamericaComun
this fanfic is finished but i hope that Harry at least end in a grey area

sorry for english
2/23 c47 1Kulha
Just... no. I'm out with Yoda getting shoehorned into the story.
1/30 c17 ARGS
This fic is so bad that it crosses over into being good again.
1/8 c6 3bring the money
The story is pretty interesting, but its SO SLOW! I feel like I need 5 cups of coffee to read each chapter so I can stay awake. I've felt like skipping 10 chapters ahead, but then I'd miss like 3 important parts to the story. No offense is meant by this review, thats just how I feel about the story at the moment.
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