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5/19/2019 c13 6artku
I really liked how in character everyone in this fic was! Truly a rare thing to find. Some bits were clunky, for example I don’t think either Erza or Juvia would feel attracted to someone during a consoling hug? But that’s just my opinion. I have seen it a fair bit in anime tho.
That aside I really liked it! I rarely leave reviews but this was just SO IN CHARACTER that I had to tell you. Spectacular job.
5/16/2019 c13 Trafalgar3d2y
It is very well written and I love it! <3
2/17/2019 c13 22Rey619
Where's the wedding? Hhh...XD
Nice fic. I love this. Thanks Author. Good bless u ;-)
2/17/2019 c12 Rey619
Long live Grayza... lol
2/17/2019 c11 Rey619
Wow... Finally Gray told her about his feeling. Awww... So damn cute. N now they are become couple already
2/17/2019 c10 Rey619
Horay... Finally they are kissing even Gray didn't replied her T_T
2/17/2019 c9 Rey619
Grayza go on the date... Yey... XD
2/17/2019 c8 Rey619
Ok then... I'm ready to read the next chap lol
2/17/2019 c7 Rey619
Aww... There was some Grayza moments here. So cute :-)
2/17/2019 c6 Rey619
2/17/2019 c5 Rey619
WTH! So... Jellal is still alive, right? Its ok. But i wish Grayza win over. Haha *evil laugh*
2/17/2019 c4 Rey619
Why they didn't kiss at the show lol
2/17/2019 c3 Rey619
Everyone are got mad here but it was so funny. Just loved them XD
2/16/2019 c2 Rey619
This is so sad T_T
Btw, at the end of story the kids says someone name. It start from J. Is that means Jellal?
2/16/2019 c1 Rey619
Nice _
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