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1/23/2019 c2 1ShadowRealmComics
LOL, liked this story and look forward to the next chapter.
10/25/2015 c1 5Beowulf Gudbrytare
I think the better response to the question, "Who do you work for?", would be quoting the 4th Doctor, "I don't work for anyone. I'm just having fun."
7/1/2013 c2 Caetlin
what ron said no way...
11/5/2012 c2 4CajunBear73
Ron seems to be flowing with the events, somewhat, but it's Kim who should relax a bit and get her footing. She's a bit out of her depth here if she keeps on like she is.

9/14/2012 c1 14EnterpriseCV-6
epic story dude, I really like Kim's reaction to the Doctor at first, but Ron's "vibes" were "spot on" lol
9/12/2012 c1 The Soldier
Good start. Always preferred doc number 10, the new guy just seem so much darker. And for the record doc 11, bow ties are NOTcool!
9/12/2012 c1 4CajunBear73
Quite the introduction to each other.

So where do they want to go?


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