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7/22/2017 c5 AprDon
Really good!
8/10/2016 c5 Petrichora
This made me so very happy. Loved Confident!Garrus: quite sexy.:)
4/30/2015 c5 Elizabeth.Electrica
I can't stop reading you.

This is just sweet and amazing.
4/30/2015 c1 Elizabeth.Electrica
Thanks for change roles.

The dialogues of ME2 they made me feel like a stalker.

(A horny stalker)
1/19/2014 c5 ValkyrieKryik
Your shep sounds just like how I am in real life. XD I want my guy to be able to take charge and do things without me having to do it. Garrus would be running away from me if I ever saw him lmao. I love that guy to death. Especially his adorable little awkward bits and his cute little fluttering of those mandibles and the way his nose moves. It reminds me of a cat in a way. I dont mind doing things on my own but when it comes to guys I just melt and cant seem to do anything on my own without being nervous. Especially with guys that I trust. I have to be able to trust them before even trying to have a relationship. My current one... Well, it hasnt gone so well recently. I've turned my eyes to another friend, though he lives a good distance away. He's always been there for me and patient, and always gives me comfort when I needed him. I've not encountered him in person but he's spoke to me on the phone and over video chats. We text periodically, and I got the courage to ask him if, he was able to move would he and he said yes. If he had the funds and a job lined up to go to and a place he could move into, he would. My heart leapt into my throat when he told me, and I got a giddy butterfly feeling from it. I havent felt that way in a long time about a guy. Maybe he's my Garrus? :P I hope he is.
3/26/2013 c5 Rapndash
I shied away from reading this story before, but now I don't know why. It was wonderful and sweet! I love your portrayal of Garrus and Shepard as a couple. Fantastic story.
3/26/2013 c5 7MelShep
Loved this story! Really like the idea of Garrus being the dominant one in the relationship, good job :)
3/17/2013 c1 Guest
That begings hot. I like Garrus' attitude towards her.
1/3/2013 c5 Dorkolicious
Wowza nice job lol
1/3/2013 c4 Dorkolicious
Darn Garrus the tease. What a turian lol
1/3/2013 c3 Dorkolicious
Lmao. Very supportive. I can see him saying that
1/3/2013 c2 Dorkolicious
Heh gotta love Mordin.
1/3/2013 c1 Dorkolicious
LoL that's adorable. Garrus the Smooth Operator
12/6/2012 c5 3MadnessInMayhem
I think any O/P would consider their request well filled :) Very sweet and believable plus there were several little bonus gems I was happy to see included. Well done.
11/21/2012 c5 1Amaya Dimayuga
Garrus was just so cute throughout the entire story. I especially loved their little Citadel date scene. The ending was pretty hot and steamy as well. ;) Amazing job writing this!

(although, if you don't mind asking, I'm so curious now...that wealthy turian businessman with that Kasumi mentioned, the one with a fetish for humans...could that be Lorik Qui'in? I read a story on the kink meme once that made him into this, and well, now it's my headcanon that Lorik is that one filthy rich turian with a human fetish. xD)
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