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2/1/2015 c1 4David Fishwick
Awesome and thanks for writing
7/11/2014 c1 2DoubleDee068
I can't message you Carrie cuz you are on anon! but I know what story you are talking about! the author of that aj/punk story has deleted her stories.. I don't know the reason but she did.. I don't know if shell ever come back..
7/11/2014 c1 Carrie
Dear DoubleDee,

I love this story! I’m not into teen wolf, but I feel like I’m just into the fandom after reading this... And it was just a lucky thing, I was reading some wwe fan fiction and I looked at the reviews and read the one you left... I see you from your favorite stories that tu are into wrestling too, and maybe you can help me, I was reading an amazing story about Aj/Punk, where they were ghost hunters and it was amazing... Jericho, Kelly Kelly, Heyman, Cena, Beth Phoenix are also in that story, but I can't find it... have you read anything that sounds like that?
8/31/2013 c1 SecretsofNelle
LOVED it! I love Dydia :-D
6/11/2013 c1 LaLaALa521
Fun and cute.
1/20/2013 c1 1Running-Wild22
WAIT... you can't just end it! Where is the night part? This is just cruel!
9/16/2012 c1 Guest
Love it!
I wanted to see Derek kick some guys butt
9/15/2012 c1 10athena606
That was f
9/15/2012 c1 Guest
love it!
9/15/2012 c1 Dydiafan
Love the little pack moment.. love Erica and Lydia.. And Derek! keep your hands to yourself..
Question? Can this be a two shot? I wanna see the smut! or is that just me!?
but good story I loved it

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