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2/14/2019 c11 Nathanael
2/7/2019 c1 Deathclaw2010
I will not read any further until your structure is fixed.
11/3/2018 c11 NightFuryNation
Really you had to end it like that
5/29/2016 c6 N1ght 3ury
10/11/2015 c11 Lol
Vinous chapter where nightstar and flame has hatchlings
2/11/2015 c9 Greathron
inches from computer...

Can't stop reading!
2/8/2015 c11 ivanganev1992
ch 11

What the fuck was that Yelllow extriemly fast regenerating dragon . Is that a zombie , dagur , vampire or other undead , or some other monstrerous increnibly dangerous dragon . And what hapends next ?
2/8/2015 c7 ivanganev1992
ch 7

For your information Al searched the dragon conqier , Mildew almost told him , Mildew saw stars , His ship was burned , the dragons were innocent , and defeated Alvin . then
Stoic chooses after some events after long talk deaf to Hic How typical listhening Gobber to ride a dragon , rude befriending having doubths in sucksess , he likes Toothless , Poor Toothless being ridden by a heavy "Bear" than finally he saws any other dragon but the NF is still the best , that Appears the rouge thunderdrum later named Thornado , some disaters in the firs attempt , "flying away (to his injured friend known later ) Searching again , Splitting up the riders , Stoic founds him and after saving Thornado's friend fighting with Hogs in that way showing respect and care befriend with him . Next Hic is painted as a mustle in a shield, Stoic likes the picdture , and after few adventures Hic is painted in his real figure with the Hamish's real picture , the other gold is buried down .Than Poisonus Oleander planted by mildew , sick dragons , Mildew is bitten by scauldron poisoned , painfully extracted back as a antidote , giving nightmares and lound scream from Gobber in the forest . Heather the "shipwrecked " forced traithor , learning things , Al gets the dragon book , later she is imprisoned , escapes and captured again ... and again , Astrid discuises as her Heather told them in her capturing the trught but they didn't belived her , Astrid trains a nigthmare pinning his head in the soft dust , Heather's family is saved , And Astrid is saved cornered in the edge from the nightmare , Al befriends a whispering death , Heathe's tribe becomes an ally .
next ep , Hic loses psihical tests , creates the lightest made for now tail becomes like Snot beating him in the dragon games until he sees the jerk crying and the yelling he say with Hic's gloathing and loses for him seeing what jerk he became and is rewarded from willingly choosing to lose even from Snot . The next ep , dragos are heavy breaking roofs , metal perches , storm , fire, iron thor statue , lighing shooting tower , Toothless is blamed , shot by lightning , captured , hic proves with iron spear getting hit by lightning Toth breaks his biddings freeing himself and saving the boy , and appolodises with tons pies and fish . next ep whispering death old Toothless enemy with 1 word . Twin sharing problems poor 2 heads arguing with himself dagur visits , fake dragon attack the trathy loasts longer befour the truth . Next 1 searching for the trader johan he is there , but Hic , tooth and SNOT are wrecked in the outcast island swollen Snot tongue after eating pain killer berries fruit , The outcasts catches Hic thanks to mr mustle breaking hightly bent part of the tail mechanism , Snot to resque resqued . The hic's mom tresure in the shipwreked Johan ship found as a castaway , and it looks like the fog monster are smokebreaths , fear friend .
Training to fight Ruf wins from her bro Disaterous lucky finding for shiny stone unkown to them changewing egg , haggle , returned ,more from it returning them , gustav sees Snot as a figure unfortunatly and bought from Snot for a lucky stone , returning the eggs , Fishlegs overcomes fear , getrs in rage returns fearfully the egg gets a roar from the changewings I wonder what did they said and a picture from a changewing is drawin and Match between Fish and Snot. Than Bork week , Fake instructions disovered echolocation , drawing the fake map going on fake island along being supposeluy hostile to other dragons mildew the traigthor . His is resqued seen the danger there in the collection of dragons . Did You know the second season and beging of the flight ban after that , hic making the shieldand with it is shootring crossbowbola shooterwrapperminy cathapult . And the dragon flight club later created and Snot spots the outcasts but some of them secretly oplanted Whispering death and screaming death egg , and as a distraction used the trapped wild dragons they are stopped plasma sonic blast creates plasma shower , and te ban is ourt .

thin thing obuut the gronckle barfs and gets , one word glass , gronckle iron , magnet and the outcasts are stpped by magnet and raing weapons , and it is ... . Screaming Dea th guilthy for dry wells , stinky Gobber . upgrated shield with gronckle iron previoustly . Tired Hookfang caring snot fireworms and the Fireworm qeen saves Hookfang .

Flighmare , glowing algae , Twin's bunker and the attemths of Snot , the Flightmare is banished redirecting the glowing seeweed and glowing dragons . Toothless dark ocean blue , Meatlung green , Yellow Nadder . The fightmare taind Astid's family honor . ... Competition obout the best dragon trainer trainer , Astrid sneaky teror , Hic Sharpshot , Fishlegs forgets meatlung Iggy fetches things , Twins The dragons flying colides their heads , Sotloud is bitten . Next ep Distroyed ilandbby searching his mother Screaming death , the Dragon island is saved by gronckles and the other dragons banishing it . ...
2/8/2015 c5 ivanganev1992
ch 5

I know that it is over but if Toothless mixed the feathers with mud he should win the challenge but clean everywhere anyway .
9/24/2014 c11 Epto
This was the funniest HYYTD fanfiction ive ever read. xD
8/10/2014 c11 TAGDavid
Yay! Why don't you continue writing the crossovers of Snowflake and Nightstar? The one where they entered a hole that was glowing? I'd like that.
7/25/2014 c11 11Remedy's Melody 109
Absolutely love it but I can't c them cussng really
7/13/2014 c6 Ark Fall
I'm not judging you or anything but I thought I should just let you know that Mildue is spelt Mildew. Great story by the way!
6/25/2014 c11 trixie anne
Can you please make another chapter its pretty awesome...
3/10/2014 c11 Guest
Great story one of my favorites
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